Suspense is over (Episode 28)

Sanjay sits in tjd room and thinks about the incident yst happens from morning till the moment ,and sees the hilly region with a susoection,he goes searching Kirthi and finds her in the kitchen preparing pasta.He sits in the dinning table and asks her about her opuonion.She sees him and asks about the matter which he was actually telkubg.He tells about Ranvijay’s arrival.Kirthi drops the plates in the ground asks Sanjay to stop his assumption. she goesyo her room and opens the draw and takes out the bunch of paper,she finds some old newspaper and reads it.she hears some breaking noise and runs out to see.

Sanjsy sees some one running in the road by wearing a mask and follows the person.He slips due to the muddy region and falls on the ground and rolls down into the forest area.the person vanishes into the forest.Kirthi comes searching for him and sees him with some wounds and helps him to get up from the place.Sanjay shouts at the people for having a muddy road,they walks from there.He hides a braclet in his hand without telling Kirthi,he remembers taking it from the place where the window glass broke. . a pair of eyes sees this from the tree bark.The person touches the hand and finds the bracelet missing.

Kirthi helps Sanjay to sit and puts ointment in his wounds. he takes out the braclet and throws it in the table. Kirthi sees it and takes that in her hand and gets wonders to see the braclet,she asks about the place where he gets it.Sanjay tells the incident.She tells “This is my bracelet which Ranvijay was holding when he fell down does it mean”,Sanjay asks her to not waste her engery in this silly matter and asks her to serve him pasta She goes to the kitchen and sees Sanhay from there.He feels something and turns towards Kirthi but stops on seeing her staring at him.

Next morning,Sanjay talks with some villagers and comes inside the house.he finds Kirthi getting ready in a track suit with some objects.He asks her about her trip which us secret.she tells about going up to the hill.He asks her the matter, but she remains silent.She leaves from there and goes inside the garden area.Sanjay follows her and asks her wait and he will join her.both of them walks inside the wood.Kirthi sees some footstep and signs regarding the same to Sanhay,he walks along the footstep and stops in front of a bottom of hill.He turns and finds Kirthi getting ready to climb over it.Kirthi tie the rope and begins to climb the hill fastly .Sanjay follows her,they reaches half a way and finds a man made cave.both of them sees each other with surprise.

precap:Kirthi goes inside and finds some portrayals of Kirthi and Ranvijay together.she remembers about something and turns yo level but shocks seeing the corner.

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