Suspense is over (Episode 26)

Kirthi sees the village and thinks that it has changed in two years.She gets sad seeing the Shiva temple ehrte they met before.Sanjay asks her the rrson for her pain and tears.she signs him not to talk and wipes her tears in a shawl, they get down from thevcart.The police inspector comes and greets them.Kirthi asks him about Ranvijay ‘s friends.the inspector says about them being shifted to the central jail. She asks him the key of Ranvijay’s house.The inspector asks her not to open the door because people are thinking it as memory of Ranvijay.Both of them sees each other with a smoke.

they stays in the house arranged by inspector and leaves to the hilly region to see the house of Ranvijay.The tribal people sees two peoples coming in jeep and stops them to ask the actual matter.kirthi was wearing a hat and cooling glass so no one sees her face.Sanjay tells about their idea to see Ranvijay’s house. The people object and shouts “You should not do it,we are waiting for Ranvijay to come back”.

Kirthi asks them to move away from her way and raises the acceleration in the jeepand drives it towards the house.she finds many dust and finds the house in a haunted position.they enters the house.Sanjay sees the picture of Ranvijay and takes it in his hand fro the frame.Kirthi gets the feeling of hearing Ranvijsy’s voice calking herMeera.and turns ,she finds the radio in a broken stage and takes it in hand.It works and begins to tell the recording in the cassette. Sanjay increased the volume and keeps it in the table.The recording starts”I need to tell you Meets,that I am getting very much happy yo hear you telling about your pregnancy,I want my child to live happily in the city far away from this blo*dy region “,the recording cuts due to some mistake.Sanjay notices Kirthi standing stubborn and asks her yo relax.she smiles and asks a constable to take it as a evidence and walks across the cot and finds a cupboard near it.She takes out the key from her bag and opens the cupboard .Sanjay stands near her and asks her the matter.She takes out some bundle of papers and tells “I will say to you later “.

precap:Sanjay sees his reflection in the mirror and shouts “Kirthi”.

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  1. Nice episode dear.

  2. What reflection why he is shouting

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