Suspense is over (Episode 25)

Sanjay gets so much shocked and asks her his she know about the result.She shows the report and tells that “So Ranvijay must be the criminal,so murdered that model,what do you think,Sanjay.Sanjay?”.He comes out of the shock and thinks something in his mind and nods yes.Kirthi tells that “So it means hevis alive “.Niraj sits with his boss and they thinks some other way to attack Kirthi.

Both of them sits in the car and talks about the suspection list.They hears some one shouting for help and runs to see the person.They finds a man holding someone from the roof top and says that he will throw them down.Kirthi signs Sanjay and he goes to the roof top from some other way and takes the etsn from tjeclutvhes of the nan.Sanjay slips.Kirthi remembers Ranvijay slipping from the hill top and shouts “Sanjay”and gets very much giddiness. Sanjay hold a window and tries to getup.

Niraj sees Kirthi’s photo from the target list and puts a pin over her face and shouts”You will die only by my arms,you Kirthi”.Niraj throws all the things in the particular room and washes his face with very cold water.He pours the water all over his face.Sanjay washes
his hands in water and sees the panicked face of Kirthi.He asks her “Hey,it was not a simple incident but why are you getting very much panic,mmm”.She almost hugs him and murmurs”I am going to sambalpur “.He stands stunned and sees her face.

Dharma asks Kirthi to think before doing anything.she assures him not to worry and asks him to leave from there because her train will arrive in some times.Dharama sees Sanjay coming with bags and asks him “Whether you are also going with her ?”.he saysyes and sits in the seat.Kirthi sits in her seat and the train starts to move.Kirthi asks him the reason why he is following her.he asks her to be quiet and listens to a music in earphone.Kirthi falls on the berth and odes her eyes.

Sanjay sees the sambalpur station coming and thinks to wake Kirtji and turns to see her sleeping.she wakes up suddenly shouti.g “No”and sees the sambalpur has arrived.Both of them gets dken from the train and sees the railway station fully dusty and unclean.they comes out of the station and sees some horse cart standing.Kirthi covers her face with a shawl due to too much of dust.The horse cart driver signs a folk song.

Kirthi likes the song and asks him the meaning if the song becaus*xsge cannot understand the traditional folk lyrics and old Hindi language.he says “Actually beti,t is about our hero Ranvijay and the death which came to him in form of a Lady called Meera,she made our hero die by her own arms and made on once again Falk’s in the hell.”.Kirthi gets sad and sees the temple of Sambalpur from the horse cart and remembers seeing Ranvijay there.

precap:Kirthi goes to the house where she stayed with Ranvijay and sees the broken radio and takes it in her works by some button.both Sanjay and Kirthi hears to the words.

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