Suspense is over (Episode 24)

recap:Kirthi is the new AC. appointed in the city,everyone. ssppect sanjay to be the culprit if the chain murder case this happens in the city while it. is revealed that he was one of the trusted friend of Kirthi.while Dharma,Her. father has given some special duty to Sanjay to perform.Kiryji gets a strange dream relating to her past and takrsout the photo of A bandit of sambalpur,Ranvijay.Sanjay reads Kirthi’s diary and her mission to catch Ranvijay in the name of Meets,a innocent girl and kills him by shooting man comes to her house in the name of Ranvijay but she asks him to leave and shouts that he is not Ranvijay.The
man who fakes Ranvijay is Niraj who is a contract killer send to kill her.

Story: Sanjay wakes from bed and finds hot coffee near him and searches for Kirthi.he finds her packing her sand witch and sits near her and wishes her for a good morning,she smiles on seeing him and asks him to have the coffee and leave from there.He smiles and sips the coffee.he likes the taste of coffee very much and praises the taste.

He gets a call from Dharma and leaves to talk to Him.he picks the call but doesn’t find any voice and gets confused,he repeatedly says Hello but get no reply and gets worried thinking about Dharma.When he as about to cut the call,he hears Dharma’s voice and keeps quiet.Kirtji notes Sanjay’s face changing on hearing the new in phone.He hold the cup with very much anger.

Niraj sits with his boss and they discuss about the their plan to do per their wish.Kirtgi gets ready and leaves to her office,she finds Alexander there and asks him.about the DNA report.He shows the report to Kirthi,she gets very much happy because the report says about the samples matching 99℅.The inspector asks her about the culprit.she doesn’t tell her answer and asks Sanjay to come as soon as possible.

Sanjay gets very much interested because Kirthi has called him to come.He inform that to Dhrama and leaves to Kirthi’s office.Kirthi sees him.coming and gives him.the report and asks him to read.the report says that the blood samples found in the coat matched with the blood samples of the person in parrot’s legs.He asks her about the person.She says “Ranvijay pratap Singh “.Sanjay stands shell shocked by her revelation.

precap:Kirthi gets a card to her home and picks it to read.

Sorry for updating after a long time,I sm not updating continuely because thee is no proper response for the story .

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  1. Hey janu this is superb story yaar don’t get sad update next part soon.

  2. Sanjay ranvijay ek hein kya

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