Suspense is over (Episode 23)


Sanjay says ‘don’t irritate me,I am in deep sleep,I thought you got some sort of bad dreams “.She says “OK,I beef to you to cone home now “.Sanjay with lots of tiredness gets ready to come to Kirthi’s house.he comes out and sees the road empty and drives towards her house.Kirthi thinks to find the person who called her in the name of Ranvijay. She gets message from dad stating good night.She replies for it and starts to wait for the arrival of Ranvijay.

Sanjay reaches her house,he sees the door open and cones in,he hears some song and says “Kirthi,where are you ?”.she comes from kitchen and asks him to sit and wait to meet Ranvijay.He says”OK,just give me a cup of coffee”.He sees the half eaten pizza and takes a slice from it.Kirthi watches him from kitchen and smiles.She prepares coffee and gives him a cup and sits with other.

A man covers his face with the black cloth and says “Meera,I am coming to meet you and set the goals,”,he smirks.and comes out if the place where he was staying,his eyes were very much red due to lack of sleep and tiredness.He starts a bike and covers him with helmet and drives toward her home.he hides a pistol in his pant pocket.

Sanjay sips the coffee and asks Kirthi some questions .She smiles and starts to give her answers.
Sanjay: will you answer my question?
Kirthi:ya ,sure but
Sanjay: I need to ask you about Ranvijay.
Sanjay:did you love him ?
Kirthi:no but (she sees deeply inside Sanjay’s eyes )
Sanjay:then why are you eager to meet him.
Kirthi:who told I sm eager,if I am eager I will make spe isl dishes for him but I didn’t do it .
Sanjay:you are complicating dear.
Kirthi:no I am not .

she hears some bike sound and asks Sanjay to hide under the bed,she goes to open the door.She sees a man standing with half covered face and says”I am waiting to meet you,come in “.He cones inside and sits in the sofa,Kirthi signs Sanhay to be calm and sits in front of Ranvijay and says “Are you still angry with me ?”.He avoids her eyes and says “No one can accept such kind of act Meera”.She gives him a cup and says “Drink it,you will like it for sure ?”.He tastes the drink and completes the one.Kirthi walks around him ,she stands seeing outside and asks “who send you ?”.Ranvijay says”What are you telling,mee”,he stops and feels a gun on His head, Kirthi says “tell me or I will pull the horse “.he says “I am your Ranvijay “.she fakes pulling the trigger.he says the man who have asked him to do.

she says “Run away, and dkbt try to fool me anymore “,she leaves him out and closes the door,the man removes his turban and it is Nuraj.he says “Shit” and hears sins siren sound and runs into the darkness.Sanjay says “how did you know that he is not “.She smiles .
and says “I know it because I lived with Ranvujay for 8 months and 22 days “.Sanjay praises her wit.she says”and I know that Ranvujay won’t spare me for my deeds ,won’t he Sanjay “.Sanjay doesn’t reply and sees her with a spell bound reaction.

He laughs and says “He won’t ” and sits in the sofa.he thinks something and asks her “What will you do if you see your Ranvijay “.She says “I will give him coffee instead if tea because I think now he will like coffee”.He enjoys the joke and says “Be serious “.She says “Sanjay,I am not such a fool to to believe such things,I know the reality “,she walks into her room .Sanjay says”Sorry Kirthi”.but she ignores the sorry and comes with a key.she says “Come it has become very late ,you sleep in the guest room”.

He goes to the guest room and sits on the bed,he remembers her interested in meeting Ranvijay and gets confused due to her motives.Niraj reaches his place and sees his boss standing in door.he explains the whole situation.His boss shouts at Niraj for leaving Kirthi alive.he brokers the glass window by throwing his walking stick.Dharma sees message from Sanjay and reads the message,he gets shocked at the end and tries to call him but finds the calls unpicked.

precap:Kirthi sees the DNA report matched and gets happy and she has finded the culprit.

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