Suspense is over (Episode 22)


Sanjay don’t let her move,he asks her to come with him.Kirthi says “Why should I come with you,you are cheating me ?”.Sanjay says that he will explain her .but she ignore him and move forward,Sanjay asks her to listen to him once .She says “No,I won’t “.Sanjay gets a phone call and attends the call.The person on the line was inspector Ahmed,he says”Sir the report of the DNA sample has come.”.he says “Ya,we’ll come ” and takes Kirthi with him.

she remains silent and they reaches the police station.Sanjay reads the report and says “OK,did you match it with blood samples of criminals “.the inspector says that he did that but it was a failure because it doesn’t match with anyone.Kirthi asks the Inspe for to proceed in the case and leaves with Sanjay.On the way,Sanjay remains silent seeing Kirthi very much angry.He plays some song.the song plays “Teri meri ,merit Teri prem kahani”.Kirthi closes her eyes and thinks about Her days in Sambalpur,tears roll from her eyes.

Sanjay sees her wiping and gives the kerchief.She takes it and thanked him.They reaches Kirthi’s house .Sanjay comes in and sees some portrait and says “Wow,you are drawing very realistic “..Kirthi sees him sharply and says “Yes,I do so ,take the fourth drawing in the row ,I this you may know the person “.He takes the picture and identifies the person but says “Who is he ?”.Kirthi comes closer and says “You don’t know him,he is the DCP of our place,Sanjay “.Sanjay stands dumbstruck.

The old man lying on the bed gets up and sees the man approaching,he sees the blood strains and asks “What happened
?”.the younger one says about the whole incident and they gets relieved. The old man asks Him to be with atmost carefulness.The man nods yes and leaves the bungalow fastly.the women says “Ji,he is takingtus risk for us ” The old man sees the direction the person left and calls someone.

Sanjay avoids Kirthi’s eyes and says “It was a good joke “.Kirthi takes him to the PC and brings the changes in the face and it shows Sanjay’s face.Kirthi asks Sanjay “Why did you make the person leave and why today you are creating the problems “.Sanjay gives fake explanation.Kirthi asks him “It is over or anything you need to tell to change the situation”.He walks to the window and says “Kirthi,it’s a part of my operation ,I cannot share with you “.Kirthi says “OK,you can go ” and goes into bedroom ,she comes with another diary and says “you like reading diary it,”and leaves the place .

Sanjay goes from there .Kirthi goes and checks the house and decides to solve the mystery as soon as possible .She comes down and orders food in hotel and waits for its arrival.she sees the click striking 9 and thinks that day was very hectic .Sanjay reaches home and throws the diary ,he goes to freshen up.He calls Dharma to inform him the matter.Dharma says “You don’t tell her anything,we must keep the secret,because my daughter cannot accept this “.Dharma thinks about Kirthi and gets worried.

He calls Sanjay and asks him to do as owr his wish and cuts the call.Sanhay sees the diary which she gave to him but hesitate to take it and closes his eyes and gets a glimpse of Kirthi’s question.Kirthi sees the time has running fast and waits for the pizza.atlast the delivery boy gives the pizza and leaves.Kirthi sits in the sofa and opens the pizza.she gets a callvfrom someone.

Niraj and the man was talking about their plan flopped because of Sanjay.The man says “that Sanjay seems very much Danger “.Niraj asks about the reason to target Kirthi.The man says “This us some sort if prize for her works in past ,and touches his hand.”.Niraj says “Sure sir ” and gets up to leave from there,but he stops seeing a group photo kept on showcase and asks “Sir,who is the mab standing with half covered face ?”.But The man was not there to answer Niraj’s question.
Kirthi gets a call in landline and pucjs the call and says Hello
The person: hello ,how are you ?
Kirthi:mmmm who are you ?
The person (laughs ):you don’t have the habit if answering others question.
Kirthi:(remembers hearing same words from Someone ): you are ,you are
The person:what ?
Kirthi: you must be
The person:you have a good assuming skill.,then how is it.
Kirthi:What ?
The person: the cheese pizza which you are tasting ,nice or not.
Kirthi:Mr.I need to trace the call,tell me who are you ?
The person:I think this hide seek don’t need anymore .
Kirthi: …….
The person:peoples calk me Ranvijay.
Kirthi:(shocks ):Ranvijay,you are
Ranvijay:I am coming to give back some thing which you forget to take ,Meera.
Kirthi: you are,are you fine Ranvijay .
Kirthi:I need to meet you .
Ranvijay: Mmmmm OK but you must pay for your betrayal dear.
Kirthi:you come to my house .
Ranvijay: but I don’t know the address.
Kirthi:Ho,you know which Pizza,I am eating but not my house,don’t act too smart Ranvijay

she cuts the calk.the person comes out of darkness and covers his face with a turban and gets ready,he says in front of a mirror that “You need to wait for some times ,Meera”.Kirthi waits for long time but doesn’t fund anyone,she calls Sanjay and says something,Sanhay gets shocked and asks” Don’t blabver,I am sleeping”.

precap:Kirthi sees Sanjay coming and plays a song.Sanjay sees Kirthi with thousand question.

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  1. So much confusion yaar ranvijay is sanjay or sanjay is someone else..

  2. I really like ur ff its so awesome and full of suspense I think Sanjay is ranvijay update soon will be waiting for ur ff

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