Suspense is over (Episode 21)

Sanjay comes and sees the car moving fastly,he feels something is not proper and leaves.He remembers of seeing a man running on the road and goes to see the man in police station.Kirthi searches gir something and finds the key of model’s house.she devidesto go and see the evidence in the place.She opens the door and steps ,she gets a foul smell and goes inside the house .

Sanjay says “Are you joking,do you know who I am DC of this city,how could you leave the person whom I have handed over.”.the inspector says about a rich man coming and taking The man with him.Sanjay says”Its my order,if you finds him somewhere inform me as soon as possible “.Kirthi sees the chalk mark made by police .She goes in and sees a parrot found dead on its cage.she thinks “It might die of lack if food “.she calls inspector to come.The ibspector murmurs “Now only DC gave me dose ,and AC mam is calling,all is written in my fate ” and comes towards the apartment.

kirthi finds a piece of shirt in that room and thinks “Whose s this”,and finds some blood strains, she decudes to take it as evidence.she hears inspector and asks “Who made inspection here Mr,Ahmed”.The inspector says that he don’t know mam but it is proper mam .Kirthi asks “Why did they put chalk mark here ,but she died on the car parking “.Inspector gets shocked and says “Mam,it mean’s some one came here “.she nods yes and calls Sanjay.

the Inspector sees the parrot dead and remembers seeing it alive after the day of death of Model( Lily).Inspector calls Kirthi.
Kirthi:yes Ahmed.
Ahmed:mam actually I saw the bird alive and roaming the day I came to investigate.
Kirthi:so wat it might died of starvation.
Ahmed:no mam that girl don’t have the habit of locking the bird .
Kirthi:you mean
Ahmed:yes,mam some one came after our investigation,I will ask the inspector who came to investigate on the day of her murder.
Kirthi:do it soon.

Kirthi sees the road from the house and says “there is s clean view f thus area,if she know that there is a danger,she might have escaped by running ,mmmm”.Sanjay picks the call and says “sorry Kirthi ,I am in meeting with your dad,we’ll discussing some matter,I will call you later .”.The inspector says “Mam,Sanjay sir is very much angry today “.He tells about Sanjay asking for a man.Kirthi gets shocked and says OK.
Jason comes and greets Kirthi,he checks the bird and says “Kirthi,the bird died because of strangulation which may be caused before 2 to three days not more than that ,”.Kirthi gives him the
shirt pieces full of blood and asks him to match it with some criminals.she order the constable to check the place clearly,help Jason. and comes out.she asks the inspector to come,she goes to her room and takes some pictures and asks “The man whom you leave on bail looks like any of these people “.he sees the photo and says “Yes mam,this is the man “.Kirthi sees the picture and says “He”.

the person on the picture runs on the road and reaches a bungalow which in the outer of city,he Knicks at the door,a vieled women opens and takes him in.the women sees blood strains and questions the man about it,he says “Nothing,you don’t shout “.they goes and finds a old man lying in the room .Kirthi asks him “Could you tell me the person who come to bail him out “.the inspector tells and in themidfle he sees done other drawing and says”Mam,he looked like this “.Kirthi sees the picture and sit ‘s down in shock.

Sanjay comes out and sees Kirthi waiting for him.He asks her the matter,Kirthi asks him”where is he ?”.He acts innocent,Kirthi almost gilds him and asks “who is asking you to do Luke this ,my dad?”.Sanjay laughs and says “what are you talking I am your friend
Sanjay “.Kirthi says “OK,I need to talk home minister about the death if Ranvijay “.Sanjay gets stunned and says “wat About Ranvijay?”.Kirthi says’ “that not your problem ” and goes to meet him.Sanjay stops her but in vain.

Precap:Kirthi gets a call from unkowm number and says hello .

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