Suspense is over (Episode 20)


Kirthi turns and gets shocked seeing the person,she murmurs “You ,how did you come here “.the man laughs and says “Meera,I can understand your every steps “,he turns and sees Sanjay and smiles.Sanjay asks him to leave Kirthi.The man says “OK fine ” and goes into his car and leaves.Sanjay feels Kirthi shivering and hugs her.

Dharma was in a meeting with Home minister,the Ministers asks Dharma about the incidents that happens before 2 years .Dharma tells about the whole case.The minister says “Ask your daughter about Ranvijay ‘s dead body,because we haven’t found it till this moment,it means “.Dharma says “It means,wat dies it means Sir “.The minister completes the sentence “He may be alive “.

A man is shown playing tennis in a well sophisticated stadium in City.he gets a call from someone and he asks his driver to pick the call.The driver says about getting call from the number .**********.The man comes and picks the call.The man who talked with Kirthi is on the line and he says”Niraj,I saw her today ,that Meera

“.the man smiles and says “You don’t worry Sir,from today she us my target “.
Sanjay gives water to Kirthi and asks her to tell the matter about the person.Kirthi says “Sanjay,you forget him,he is the man who I have met in sambalpur with Ranvijay”.Sanjay says “But “.He sees Dharma coming and gets up in respect.Dharma sees Kirthi very much upset and asks about the matter,both of them remains silent and atladt Kirthi tells about meeting the person.Dharma says “He,actually he only gave clues against Ranvijay “.Sanjay sees Dharma with a shock.
Niraj starts his car and takes out a picture from his has Ranvijay and Meera in it.he says everybody must pay for their deeds in life and what about you my dear and keeps the photo on the same place.Dharma asks Kirthi about the chain murders ,she says “Dad,I feel that the girl who was killed in my apartment was killed instead of me “.there remains a silence.
Dharma gets up to leave.He signs Sanjay to come and asks about” what does that man said to Kirthi and he “.Sanjay says “Nothing sir actually he just left when I came ,and Kirthi don’t know about anything ,I am sure “.he smiles contently and leaves .Kirthi listens to their conversation and thinks “There is something which both of them are hiding from me “Niraj sees Kirthi’s house from distance and says “Let’s see whether you new boyfriend protects you this time “.and smirks.

Sanjay sees Kirthi standing and asks “Why are you straining yourself “.He makes her sit.he ignores the questions in her eyes and trues to leave.She says “Sanjay,today I feel something “.He smiles and goes out of the house.She sees him going and says “One day I will know the hidden truth “.Sanjay notes some car parked for a long time and goes near the car.Niraj sees Sanjay coming and drives from here .

precap:Kirthi goes to investigate in Model’s house,she finds a piece of torn cloth and takes it separate.

(guys tell your opinion and whom you suspect )

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  1. Nice episode n I think it might be ranvijay or surya.

  2. I think ranvijay is back or surya

  3. Hu is niraj? N the person?

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