Suspense is over (Episode 2)

The inspector comes and sees The dead body lying on the ground .Kirthi was. sitting near the dead body ,the inspector ask “Mr Reddy ,who informed me about this case “.Mr Reddy says “She is new to the apartment and shows the place where Kirthi is sitting .The inspector
calls Kirthi and touch her to turn.

Kirthi turns and sees the inspector ,The inspector ask her to move from the place ,he turns to the constable and shots “Divakar come here and take a photo of the dead body ,It is a sucide “.Kirthi shouts

“It is a murder ,how could you say it is a suicide “.The inspector ask
her not to involve in other’s work .and leaves the place . Kirthi feels someone. behind the matter. and goes to her house ,she sees a blood strain in her door.She goes inside the house and click the blood strain on the door.

Next day ,the inspector goes to attend the meeting. at the IG’s office .He ask one of. his colleague about the reason for meeting .the
person says “A new AC is taking charge today “. When they were.
engaged in a talk.A car. comes and IG Dharama gets down from the
car .All of them salutes him .Next IG was. talking with them about
the crime rate in city.A Lady officer gets down from the car ,she was
wearing a proper police uniform and says “Good Morning sir “salutes
IG,It is our Kirthi .The inspector was shell shocked .IG introduces her
as a new ACP and proudly tells “My daughter “.She smiles at her
Father .

Kirthi tells the whole incident to Dharma.He gets into thoughts and remembers about Sanjay.The man is shown running inside a forest area ,, he was wearing a black track suit ,gis face was determined with a goal ,his dress and face was covered with mud and dust . many peoples follow him with guns in their arm ,he jumps over rocks and try to climb the hill but his enemies caught him ,they all point the gun at him.He says “”No ,don’t shoot “.all of them giggle and shoot water on him ,one of them shouts “Uncle you lose “.He hugs the boy .the group contains small children in the age group of 6-12.

The man was Sanjay ,he was conducting camps for students in the vacation .They all reach the camp ,Sanjay sees his phone with lots of Missed call from Dharma.He takes the phone and dials the number ,Kirthi sees her father’s phone ringing and attends the call.
Kirthi: May I know ,who are you ?
Sanjay:Who are you ?
Kirthi :I am Kirthi ,His daughter
Sanjay :Ho ,you was that .I am Sanjay
Kirthi : I ‘ll call dad
Sanjay :How are you ?
Kirthi :Fine till now

she gives the phone to Dharma and leaves the place .Dharma tells something to Sanjay ,It is shown Sanjay accept the matter after a long argument .

Precap:Sanjay sees someone running on seeing him and goes and catch the person

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