Suspense is over (Episode 19)


Surya shouts at everyone for letting Meera marry that Ranvijay,he breaks everything in anger.Meera is shown trying to prepare some good by herself.Ranvijay comes and comments on the smell and says “Mmmm smells good “.he gives him the roti and dhal and asks him to taste.Ranvijay eats it and begins to cough.Meera searches for water and gives him water to drink.He sips water and says “Meera ,don’t try to kill me “.he runs behind him,Ranvijay and Meera falls on the mud and laughs at each other.

days passes on,Meera sees Ranvijay till not yet returned and worries for him She hears someone coming on horse and thinks it must be Ranvijay and opens the door to see.But she sees Surya standing with a evil smile .tries to close the door but He enters the house .Ranvijay is shown in his horse coming back to the village,he gears gun shot and runs towards his house.he sees blood split and shouts “Meera,are you fine ?”.He sees Meera standing with a pistol in her hand and Surya lying down with a bullet on his left hand.

Ranvijay ties Surya in the horse and make it run to reach Zamindars house.he comes in and sees Meera standing without any expression and says “You don’t worry Meera,I am with you ” and hugs her.Meera doesn’t respond and hugs him tightly.Ranvijay asks Meera to get no tension because she is pregnant.She says “Yes,and sees the sky outside .

next day morning,Meera sees many people coming up to the village and she hears them threatening people abs asking about Ranvijay,she comes home and running and urges him to come or else he will be shot.Ranvijay cares for Merra and asks her to come with him and they runs from there but the police begins to search for him.abs follows them.

Both of them reaches a tip of a mountain.Ranvijay says “Mera,you better go some where and get yourself save ,run “.She nods yes and rubs into the way.Suddenly Ranvijay sees police surrounding him.He begins to fight,when he feels some one on his back with a pistol.He turns and sees “Meera”pointing her gun on him.He says”What is this ?*.She smiles and says”Me,Ranvijay ,you don’t have any other option other than surrender”.He gets angry and says “I thought you love me but you betrayed me ,” and jumps from the mountain.)

(those who didn’t understand,all the story about that Ranvijay and Merra is found in our Kirthi’s diary ,and she only goes to the village to catch Ranvijay as Meera) . Sanjay finds that the next page is fully empty.He remembers Kirthi telling him that “I didn’t love him,I actually
betrayed him “.He hears knock at the door and goes to see ,He finds Kirthi standing.He hides the diary and opens the door.

Kirthi sees him sharply and asks “Sanjay,why are you so dull?”.He says “Actually we met just before “.She completed that “At morning,now it is Evening “.She reminds him about her dad asking him to come. Sanjay says “sure,just a minute I will come “.She waits for him and finds him coming .They leaves Sanjay’s house and reaches the house of Dharma.servants tells about Dharma going to some meeting and asks them to wait.

Both of them sits in Sanjay’s car .Sanjay remembers about The words in diary ,he thinks to ask that matter to Kirthi but stops.Kirthi gets call from Dharma.she picks the call ,Dharma says “Sorry guys you don’t wait,let’s meet tommorow ” .Sanhay drives towards his house.Kirthi finds him very silent and asks “where is it ?”.He asks “What?”.she sees the sky and says”the diary which you took from my house “.Sanjay stops the car by a sudden brake.

A man is shown wearing a black coat suit,he sees the reflection in the mirror and says “Kirthi,u will make you life hell for making mine worst “.Sanjay sees Kirthi staring at him.Kirthi says”I know you have read it completely,you mind is asking me many question “.Sanjay says “Sorry for reading your diary but the only question I need to ask is about your love for him “.Kirthi says “Love,a innocent Meera can love him what about IPS officer Kirthi,I know about all of his crimes but still “.Sanjay says “You love him but “.Kirthi says “Please no need to talk it anymore “.she gets down from the car.

She feels that something is going to happen which can change her whole life.

precap: A car stops near her,Before Sanjay could come near,a man comes out wearing a black coat and calls “Meera”.She turns back and gets shocked.

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