Suspense is over (Episode 18)


Amba sees Meera picking poison in milk and runs towards the room,she shouts at Meera to stop and open.Meera keeps the milk glass in the table and comes out and opens the door.
Amba :why did you mix poison in milk ,you are trying to commit suicide
Meera :Sorry zamindarini I am not, trying to commit suicide just trying to kill you son if my marriage happens by chance .
Amba:what are you telling ma ?

Meera :I trust Ranvijay ,he will save me.
Amba(laughs ):no one can enter Zamindar’s palace.
some ladies comes and says that the pandit is calling Meera for marriage.Amba says “See now everything happens as per their wish and not ours “. Meera smiles and walks down ,she sees the groom sitting in mandap and the people standing with concern for Meera.She sits in the mandap and sees the entrance whether some one is coming or not .Zamindar says “Bahu,don’t worry no one can come across my security “.

People sees Meera’s boldness till now and talks among themselves about her bravery .The groom ties mangalsutra in Meera’s neck.Meera sees Amba standing with a smile .she remembers Amba coming one day to her and saying “Will you marry my son Surya,”and her denial and sees Amba standing with contented. They do the Seven pheras together.Zamindar laughs victoriously and says “today the girl who created the problem in sambalpur is like our house’s servant “.

He says Surya have this key chain ,this for our guest house .go and celebrate your life there .and signs Amba to do the aarti for the newly wed couples.Amva takes the aarti plate.the groom says “wait ,I need my aarti to be done with my wife’s hand,Meera do it “.Meera sees him sterly and takes the aarti plate to do the ritual.The groom says “Wait,my beautiful wife ,don’t want to see her Hubby’s face “.

Meera with anger takes the turban and gets shocked .
the man standing in her front resembles her drawings .who was Ranvijay.Zamindar sees Ranvijay in the place of Surya and gets shocked .He shouts “Where is my son,who are you ,I will inform the policee,hey police “Ranvijay laughs loudly and says “Hoi Zamindar,Go and find your son,and me Ranvijay prathap “.He turns and says “Meera,don’t die in shock,now let’s go to our new house ” and walks with her by holding her hand .Meera cannot trust her words.when she come to sense ,she was sitting in the horse with him.

she shouts “You are abducting me “.He laughs and says “Garu”,the horse stops in the forest.He says “Don’t make joke,you only remembered me that you are my responsibility and blinks his eyes naughtly.She tries to get down from horse and walks on grass.She gets up and tries to run.He says “Go but where ?”.She turns and sees him standing .She says “Hell with you “.He gives her hand to come over the horse.She unwillingly goes with him.

Zamindar shouts at all of his servants and finds his son fully drunken and found on car parking .Zamindar orders all of his mans to find Ranvijay and kill him.Amba says “He comes to our house and married the girl ,now you are going to catch her “.He shouts at her and sees Surya blabbering marriage .and slaps him hard in his face.Surya was made to lye in his bed.

Ranvijay reaches the tribal village with Meera.a old lady asks “Ranvijay,whose that ?”.He says “She mmmmm my wife,newly married “.Meera says “No,I am not actually I “.the lady praises Ranvijay.He guides her to his hut .She sees the hut and says “I thought you might live in a big bungalow but this looks different “.He gives her water and says “Nice imagination, dear “.He sits in the opposite chair and asks “What will you do if I haven’t come “.Meera says “I know you will come ” and smiles .

Ranvijay asks her to sleep and goes out.She calls him and says “You look like my drawing “and closes her eyes .In the morning Meera wakes and sees people standing put to see her and gets panics.She sees Ranvijay playing with small children and shouts “Issszzz”.But he didn’t turn atlast Meera shouts “Ranvijay “.the old lady comments that “Yes,she is very brave she is calling him by name “.Ranvijay comes and says “Yes madam “.She points at the people.Ranvijay sees them and smiles.

precap:Ranvijay and Meera have some romantic moments

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  1. What’s all of this suspense? is this past life or kirthi’s past?

  2. Oh they both got married.

  3. Ha ha ha ranvijay u r a brave person as of present story surya is also male lead?

    1. no surya is antagonist

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