Suspense is over (Episode 16)


Meera thinks about Ranvijay and doesnt hear her Chacha calling,she suddenly comes to thought and help him get up from bed,she sees People praise Ranvijay and thinks “His would a bandit have this must respect in the people’s heart? “.She comes out of the house and walks in the straight road and finds a Shiva temple.She sees people praying to god by kneeling down .She goes there .

Surya reaches home and shouts at the servants ,His father sees this from hall and asks Surya to come.Surya tells about the girl who insulted him in front of all of the villagers. Badi zamindar laughs and says “So surya you are nsulted by a girl “.Surya fumes.Zamindarini Amba comes with puja plate and asks Surya yo take the blessing of devi maiya.He throws the plate and goes inside.Zamindar asks Amba to go inside and don’t create scene .

Meets asks one of old village Lady about doing this puja.the women says “This is our tradition if a girl kneel down in salt and prays to god to get a good partner ,then god will grant her their wish”.and the Lady recommends Meera to do the tradition.She laughs and sees girl praying ,she hears them asking for a husband like Ranvijay.she thinks “So the girl marrying Ranvijay will be very lucky “.she hears a bell sound and turns and sees some group of dancers. dancing .

she walks from the temple and walks into the forest by mistake she hears no notice and gets worried ,she finds every path very strange and worries .She slips into a trap kept for wild boar and falls .She shouts for help but hears no response when she was leave her beluef to escape she hears a person calling her name.She shouts the person to help.The man helps her to come out .She thanks the man and identifies him as Ranvijay. She sees him standing in his half covered face .She gets surprised on seeing him.

Amba sees people going from work and she summons a person and asks why her son was very angry,The maif says about the morning incident .She thinks to see the girl and asks about her.Surya thinks and thinks of his insult and broke the mirror.Amba runs to her son’s room and sees the bleeding hand of Surya and shouts “Surya “.

Zamindar comes and sees Surya bleeding ,he shouts at servant was not cleaning the glass pieces till that particular moment and signs Amba to go and bring first aid box.Amba goes.

Meera says”You must be Mr Ranvijay “.He laughs loudly and says “Yes “.Meera cannot tryst her own eyes of meeting the bandit I the forest which is very near to village .She expresses her surprise and asks “Ho Ranvijay ,you won’t get afraid because the people may hand over you to police “.he laughs and says “They won’t hand over their son to police ” and disappears in the dark woods ,she finds herself nearer to village and goes to her house .

Ranvijay reaches in troop and joins them over food ,one of his friend says “Bhaiyaji don’t make her steal your heart “.He sees the man and says “No one can ” and eats the food .but his thoughts was totally struck with Meera.Meera gets kickups and her chacha says “Beta some one is this thinking about you “.She drinks water.

A girl comes without no one’s knowledge into Ranvijay’s hut and keeps a device and tries to leave .the girl stops on gearing foot steps.

Meera sitsonbed and remembers him helping people and thinks of writing a cover story about Ranvijay and closes her eyes to sleep.but when she closes her eyes the half closed face of Ranvijay comes in her eyes .she thinks to guess his face and starts drawing .Ranvijay enters the hut and feels someone’s presence and walks cautiously .

precap:Meera completes her drawing and Ranvijay removes his turban covering face .

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  1. Wowww nice love story i think

  2. Superb episode janu.

  3. Why don’t u put ur story regularly I wait for it eagerly

    1. OK Sammy I try to you can give a try to other story of mine

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