Suspense is over (Episode 15)


Sorry guys for updating after a very long the of nearly 29 days,I stopped writing because I didn’t get time to write two fan fiction.I will try to update the story atleast in alternative days☺☺
the girl in skirt sees Surya walking towards her and his motive doesn’t look good,she walks backwards and falls on the grass.Surya laughs and says “You look beautiful,I assume that you are from some other place because I know each and every girl in this village ” and laughs .The girl says “Mr,,please leave me to go “.Surya’s followers and sings some folk song and shoots the pistol for beats.The girl gets very much frightened and sees the rifle in Surya’s pocket and takes it and aims at him.
Surya gets shocked and moves backwards ,He says “Are you out of your mind,it is pistol not any bangle yo gave it in hand”.She points at his forehead and says “I know the great difference between a pistol and bangle “.she makes him afraid and Surya stands as a statue.Suddenly They hear a class sound and turns to see,a man was standing in Black cloth covering His half face and a bug tilak on his forehead .He says “Sambalpur is developing “.The girl says “Hello Mr.Bandit,I think your women don’t have courage “.He laughs at her.Surya geysinto his jeep and shouts “HeyRanvijay,I won’t spare you and you,beauty you will pay for it “.

The girl turns and sees the Man who encouraged her disappeared in the forest with his white horse .She says “Ranvijay,the bandit ” and walks inside the village,she reaches the house in the right corner and knocks the door,a man in his late 40’s opens the door and says “Oh,Meera you came so early ,come in beta “.The girl hugs him and says “Thank you Chachaji”.She sits to have food and asks “Chachu,who is Ranvijay ?”.Her Chacha puts the meals down and says “He is the uncrowned prince of Sambalpur “.Meera sees fear and respect in her chacha’s blind eyes.

Ranvijay is shown moving in horse and remembers about the girl and her question and smiles.He sees some people coming in a jeep and stops in horse Garu to see the people.The elderly man wearing golden jewels gets down from the jeep and shows the place to two foreigners.Ranvijay thinks “Hi,zamindar has started in another plan ” and goes inside the forest without making any noise.

He reached the tribal village and tell his companions about yhd plan.At the same time Meera walks along the village and clicks some beautiful pictures of the beauty of the place and sees two women crying and sitting.she approahes them and asks “Excuse me madm ,wat happened”.They tell about the atrocities of the Zamindra,She gives them idea to the women to complain to police.The another women says “The inspector Baldev is in their control,we can tell this Ranvijay “.She thinks to find about that Ranvijay and comes back to house and sees her blind chacha sat Hong for water ,she gives him the water mug.

Precap:Meera falls in a trap kept for wild boar and a MSN helps her to come out of the trap .
(guys if don’t fell my story is not up to your mark then GI e me some ideas ,)

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