Suspense is over (Episode 14)

Kirthi sees the picture of Ranvijay and remembers their first meeting .She smiles and kisses the photo.Sanjay goes to his home ,opens the door,he sees the mes on the house and says “Oh no ,nowi need to.clean it “.He finds the same paper cutting in his house and says “Ranvijay,you are still blessed with kirthi’s love,and this poor Sanjay is no one to her ,”He gets call from Dharma and picks the call
Dharma:I need to talk to you come to my house tommorow
Sanjay:Sure sir.

he disconnect the call and cleans the room .He goes to bathroom and sees his face on the mirror ,hevsres some bruises over his face and applies dettol over the wound and shouts in pain.Kirthi goes back to sleep but she didt get sleep abd cries .she sees the time is 3 Am and sits on the bed for a longer time and finally goes to see when she gets a knock on the door .

She sees Samjay standing in track suit .He sees Kurthi dull and sullen and ask about the matter,she says about her terrified dream ,Sanhay comes in and ask Still you love him .Kirthi smiles and says “Mine us just betrayal “.Both of them laugh ,Sanjay sees her smiling and thinks “She is hiding her pain “Sanjay ask her to make a cup of coffee .She goes to prepare .Samjay sees, he sees things in showcase and finds a unique piece of gold idol and ask “Still you have this ” She peeps from kitchen and says “Yes,” .Sanjay finds a diary on the table and opens it .He finds the diary dated 2 Yeats before and takes it in his jerkin.

Kirthi comes and sees Sanjay reading some Book and gives him the coffee .He drinks it and says “Mmm,not bad ,it is nice “.He tells about Dharma asking her to come to meet him .Kirthi gets surprised and says ‘OK’.She sees Sanjay getting ready to leave .Kirthi says”Bye ,Sanjay “.He smiles and goes .She stands in the foir and comes inside .She feels a bit tired and falls on bed .She searches the diary and finds it nowhere .

Sanjay reaches his home and opens the diary ,he sees the photo of Kirthi ,he opens the first page .He sees her writing something in Marathi and reads it as a poem .
life gives us many things but the best thing I got in my life is our relationship .
he goes to the next page ,when he was about to read he gears the voice of someone knocking on door,he closes the diary and keeps it under the pillow and opens the door .He sees Dharma standing there in a black track suit .He says “Sir,please come in “.Dharma comes in and sees the house in a investigating look and appreciates Sanjay for keeping the house very clean .Dharma sits in the sofa and sees the paper cutting of Ranvijay case and asks “Danjay do you know about Sambalpur “.Sanjay shocks for a moment and says “Yes,it is near the chambal lake ,I have been there for a operation years ago “Sanjay gives him a cup of tea .Dharma sips it and says “that ‘s all”.He sees the time and says “Font forget to come and meet me in office “.Sanjay nods yes.Kirthi searches for the diary and sits in the bed .She closes her eyes in tiredness her thoughts goes backward Sanjay opens the diary and starts to read .

Flashback :
A beautiful girl wearing a blue skirt and white tops steps into the village if sambalpur ,she sees the long treesand walks on the muddy road with a bag on her left shoulder .She looks young but here yes were determined with some thoughts .She hears the sound of Bullet and moves to the corner of road,she sees some person wearing a black turban and rifles in their back driving in the muddy road followed by a man in Jeep. She sees them with surprise and shock .The man murmurs “Surya rathod ki jai,surrya rathod ji ki jai “.The man named Surya sees The girl with a awkward look and stops the car .

Precap:The girl Meera holds Rifle in her hand and threatens Surya to move back .

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