Suspense is over (Episode 13)

Kirthi goes inside and remembers his questions .She bitterly laughs and says “Our relation cannot be brought to front light “,she lies on the bed and closes her eyes .Sanjay sees The man standing near Zebra crossing .stops his car and runs towards him .The man notices Sanjay runs in the road .Sanjay runs behind him with a pistol on his hand .The man falls on the road and gets hurt .Sanjay keeps the pistol on his head and ask him to hands up and stand .The Man stands .

Kirthi sleeps due to her heavy work ,she had a dream .
a man holding a women is running all over the hills ,some people follows him with pistols and rifles on their hands .The people following are Police .The man who is running is wearing a black Kurta with a turban over his head .He at last reaches hill top and says “Meets. please run away ,I don’t want you or my child to die “.The women runs in the opposite side and the man is followed by police .Meera comes with a pistol and says “Hands up Mr.Ranvijay Singh,the great bandit of sambalpur “.the man gets shocked and shouts “It is a betrayal meeraji ,I won’t spare you ” and jumps from the hill.Kirthi wakes up shouts “Ranvijay “.she sees the time is just 11.00 and goes to drink some water .

Sanjay ask the man “Why did you run on seeing me ?”.the man says “I am afraid of police “.Sanjay says “Who told that I am a olive ,now come with me I will show you police ” and takes him to the nearby police station .Dharma gets up and calls someone ,the person says”Sir,anything special “.Dharma shouts “Foolish ,I asked you about the girl with Sanjay ,you said no one but today I saw both of them “.The man says “Sorry sir ,but haven’t seen him with some person ,he is always alone “.Dharma cuts the call.

Kirthi drinks water and sits in the sofa ,she searches for some old photographs from bag and finds a paper cutting that inspector Kirthi. ,finds the bandit of Sambalpur .Ranvijay Singh.She searches deep and finds some photos of her and Ranvijay .She thinks ‘Ranvi you are making me pay for the betrayal ‘.A man wearing a brown coat says “Everyone should pay for their deeds “.Sanjau ask the inspector to arrest the man and leaves yo take his bike .The inspector put him behind the lock up

Precap:Sanjay asking Kirthi about the Ranvijay and his enemies .

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