Suspense is over (Episode 12)


Kirthi makes Dharma sit in the chair and ask him “Do you want water papa “He says yes .She calls Sanjay to inform him about the incident .He ask her to be with uncle.Sanjay could not catch the person,he comes back to guest house .He sees Kirthi standing near the door.Sanjay consoles her and ask what Kirthi.

Kirthi: I know him ,the person .
Sanjay:Hey what ?
Kirthi:I know him
Sanjay sees Dharma coming and signs her .
Dharma:Do you know them
Both :No
Dharma:But ,continue the work.
Kirthi :Dad

Dharma:You can get enquiry for hiding truth,be careful
Sanjay:Sure sir .

They see Him leaving,Sanjay ask kirthi “Who is the person ?”.Kirthi says “I have seen him near the deadbody of Model”.Sanjay ask her to be cool.He starts his car and she follows him in her jeep.Dharma sees Kirthi’s photo from pocket and says “My little daughter has grown up and she is thinking in her own ” The driver turns and sees him and continue driving.
Kirthi and Sanjay reaches the office ,they continue their work in their cabins respectively. At evening Sanjay waits for Kirthi near his car.Kirthi comes , they leaves to Kirthi’s house.Kirthi opens the door and ask him to come in .Sanjay enters the house ,and sits in the sofa.
Kirthi goes and freshen up .She comes and sits with Sanjay.

She ask “What are you thinking , Sanjay”.He sees her and says “I think someone keenly watching us “.Kirthi brings a cup of coffee
Sanjay:you did you lie
Kirthi(gulps) What?
Sanjay:You said I am your friend
Kirthi :Yes
Sanjay:Am I ?

Kirthi: No,you are not,I don’t want to bring my past in front of my eyes.
Sanjay:Sorry ,even I don’t want it .

He changes the topic and ask about the model.Kirthi tells about the watchman ,who might know something ,he usually notes the name of person comes to visit a apartment peoples.Sanjay gets up to leave and stops seeing some photo in Kirthi ‘s showcase.He goes from there .Kirthi ask him to stop and says “Sorry,sanjay I does not want to hurt you “.He says “Nothing” and leaves.

Sanjay stops near the security and ask about The model .The security says that she was very beautiful.Sanjay stops his agitation and says “I am asking about the person coming to visit her “.He says “Sir ,many people come but who are you ?”.He tells about his identity and leaves .The watchman looks puzzled .One person comes from darkness and ask “Did you say anything ?”.He gives a money bundle and leaves .

Kirthi sees this from window and says “So the watchman is a part if this mystery “.Sanjay remembers the way watchman talked and says “He know something “.to himself .He stops seeing someone standing near the zebra crossing .

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  1. Awww super dr

  2. Nice but what’s kirti’s past

  3. Very nice episode, keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode

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