Suspense is over (Episode 11)


Sanjay walks towards Kirthi and hold her and ask “What is your problem ya “.Kirthi says “You are my problem ,you didn’t say about thus before “.Sanjay Says “What ?”.She walks towards his chair and says “You didn’t inform that you will join here in 15 days ,that was not for plan “.Sanjay caresses her face and sees the mark and says “Sorry ,I have pushed you arrogantly “.They see each other when Dharma enters and claps .he says “So it was you two ,one is my only daughter and my trusted associate “.

Kirthi and Sanhay moves from each other .Sanjay says “Sir”.Dharma angrily stares at both and says “I don’t want to talk anything here so you two come with me .”.They follows him to his guest house .Dharma sits in a sofa and says “Kirthi ,don’t tell me that you was. helping him “.
Kirthi :No Dad,he was helping me .
Sanjay :Yes sir ,Kirthi only asked me to come here .
Dharma :But you came on my request
Sanjay :No ,she asked me before .

(Scenes are shown )
Kirthi calls Sanjay ,and ask him to come to help her in case .Sanjay initially refuses and cones only after Dharma Sir ‘s request .
Dharma:So Kirthi you know him before
Kirthi :Dad,Actually he was my senior in college and
Dharma:And what
Sanjay :We are good friends
Dharma :So she was one with you in park .
Kirthi :Yes Dad .

Kirthi remembers Seeing Sanjay in Park and how police followed them ,She starts to Running to home after seeing Sanjay .She calls Dharma to confuse him about the person .
Dharma :So you know that I have appointed Sanjay in special duty to help you without your concern.
Kirthi :Sanjay ,you

Sanjay :No,she don’t know anything .
Dharma tries to tell when they heats a bullet shot from outside and the flower vase falls in ground and breaks into pieces .Sanjay ask Kirthi to take care of Dharma and runs behind the persons .Kirthi sees The bullet and takes it as a evidence .She sees some red light on Dharma and shouts “Daddy ,move away “.Dharma understands the urgency in her voice and jumps into sofa .again a bullet is fired .

Kirthi shouts “Dad,are you all right “and he shows ‘Thumps up ” ,she runs and sees the next building and person running from there .She calls Sanjay to inform .

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  1. Nice yaar

  2. Oh they r friends and investigating about the case together great.

  3. Oho god it was too suspense yaar

  4. good job.. keep it up buddy. just loving it 😉

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy . Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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