Suspense is over (Episode 10)

Kirthi sees the transmitter and gets surprised .She receives a call From Minister Sharma .When she stops the car yo attend the call.Sanjay tries to run inside the dense forest .Kirthi runs to catch him.she tries to shoot him when Sanjay moves and the bullet get stucked in tree.She tries to hit him with a stone when Sanjay stragules her neck from backside and throws her and runs .

Dharma comes and sees his daughter in the wood with bruises on her shoulder and hand .He shouts at her for creating mishap under his control ,Kirthi defends herself but Dharma shoutat her to stop her excuses .She sees him with teary eyes .The doctor advice’s Kirthi to take rest for 15 days .Kirthi says repeatly “I should not have let him have a opportunity “.

After 15 days ,Kirthi goes to the Office to join in her duty ,she sees her collegues Bashir .
Bashir:How are you ?
Kirthi :Fine ya .
Bashir :A new DC is appointed in this time .
Kirthi :What ?
Bashir :Go and meet him .
Kurthi goes to meet The new DC.and waits because he was in a interview with a reporters from magazines .Kirthi hears the conversation from inside .
Reporter: Sir,what is your view about the murders in city
DC: It is not a good thing to appreciate .
Reporter :Did you believe that you can catch the culprit
Reporter:Thank you sir .

Kirthi enters the room and was shocked to see Sanjay sitting in the chair as Deputy commissioner from special branch .She shouts “You are here ,but how ?”.Sanjay walks from his seat ,closes he door and says “What is your problem miss “.Kirthi turns to shout at him but was caught struck in his eyes .He comes closer to her and says “You don’t like to talk to me,then you can go “.She says “But “and stops by his hands .

Note: Sorry for smaller update because I am a bit busy .

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  1. So he is DC but y did he hurt her like that, nice story

  2. Nice yaar

  3. What he is dcp i cant believe that how it is possible

  4. Undercover and all…….good

  5. l’ve already said in my previous comment dat Sanjay might be from police Department…nd t’day my doubt is cleared..

  6. awesome… dear

  7. O janu, it’s superb, the suspense is very interesting. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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