Suspense is over (Episode 1)

I am just giving a try to a suspense story ,if you people does’nt love it ,I will stop this kind of story .

It was a rainy day ,a lady was wearing a thick blue sweater ,standing in the. balcony and enjoys rain with a hot cup of coffee.she enjoys the rain drops.The Lady is must be in her early. 20’s .Her dark black hair falls over her shoulder ,she Goes inside the house and finds that the current had gone. due to the rain,She murmurs “Ho no again the power has gone due to rain .She. lit a candle and walks, towards the black painted wooden door to see who is knocking at the door .She sees no one at door ,gets surprised and comes inside the. house .Suddenly her blackberry phone rings with the tune of Lady GaGa music ,she picks the call and sees the number in the display.

She attend the call
She :Hello
Other person :Hello Kirthi
She :Yes

At the same time she hears a thrilling voice from the. basement area of the apartment ,She gets alert and run to see the matter ,The
call is not cut and a person at the other end shouts “Kirthi ,Kirthi ”
The Lady named Kirthi comes. out and sees the gathering over the
basement area ,she goes into the crowd and sees a girl of Late 20s lying in the crowd with a pool of blood over her .Kirthi goes near her,The girl says to Kirthi ,14116 and close her eyes .Kirthi cannot relate the matter,she shout a person to call ammbulanc but she know the Girl cannot be saved or su rvived.

The girl lying turns blue. in a minutes .Kirthi calls the nearby police station and informs the matter. Krithi sees the girl,the dead
girl was wearing a purple coloured niighty,with a basic makeup on her lips ,her lips have turned blue despite of the pink lipstick ,Kirthi has seen this girl only once or twice in this apartment .she thinks that the girl was a model .The police jeeps comes inside the sri apartments gate ,the apartment secretary ,Mr Reddy was standing there. under a umberalla. The police inspector sees the day ad body and ask to the crowd “How called me ?”.Kirthi comes in front and says “It was me “.The inspector saluates. at her .

Note: You can express. your view about the story freely .

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  1. guys tell me if you like the story plse

  2. Wat was dat numbr, sum kind of code? It is interestng dr. . . Updt nxt part too. . .

  3. Its maybe a locker code or a bank password……
    wow….its really interesting….a mystery 2 b solvd…an unknown call…..a number and a murder of a model….update soon….

  4. Nice yaar

  5. thanks dear, I will update the next epi soon

  6. Wow!!! Suspense story.. Nice beginning janu.. Its very interesting.. Please update the next part.. waiting for it..

  7. wow…nice janu..

  8. Hi Janu dear, it’s thrilling. ..keep it up buddyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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