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Suryaputra Karn 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha cries holding Karn’s bow. Vaishali tries to console her. Shon comes running and happily informs that Karn is returning back. Radha gets happy.

Dhritarastra tells Bhism that he is doing injustice by stopping him making his son Duryodhan as yuvraj and says he was supposed to become Raja, but he made Pandav as raja and now he wants to make Pandav’s son Yudistra as Raja. Bhism says he did right and now Yudistra has right to become yuvraj. Dhritarastra says let Duryodhan and Yudistra fight and whoever wins should become yuvraj. Bhism says he is right, but both of them have not gone to school and gained knowledge, so they cannot fight. Now, he should go and greet Kunti and padav putras.

Kunti comes on Adhirath’s chariot and Pandav’s on Karn. People

chant kunti’s name. Shakuni tells Duryodhan that pandavs are his biggest enemy and they will trouble him whole life. Vaishali sees Karn driving chariot and thinks karn must be feeling really sad driving khatriya’s chariot.

Kunti gets down from chariot and touches Bhism’s feet. He blesses her. She asks why did not he let her stay in jungle as sanyasin. He says she has to fulfill her duties. Dhritarastra comments not to feel sad. She then goes and touches his feet. He says she cannot get happiness of life, but can get facilities in hastinapur. She then meets kunti who asks where are her sons. Kunti asks pandavs to come and touch Bhism and Dhritarastra/gandhari’s feet. They all 5 get down from chariot and touch Bhism’s feet.

Bhism thanks Karn for saving padnav’s today and favoring khatriya’s again. Karn says he remembers at least. Bhism says he is a paras stone who makes everything gold. Karn says if stone is underground, it is waste and he will wait for the day when it is respect and leaves wishing Bhism.

Pandav putras immerse their father’s ashes in river. Bhism says their happiness is his motto now. Shakuni tells Duryodhan if he heard what Bhism told. Duryodhan says he heard and pandav’s only will stay here if he wants. He asks Dushyasan to trouble Pandav’s so much that they run back to jungle.

Vaishali sees Karn walking and shoots arrow on him. Karn senses arrow coming, turns back and holds arrow. He tells Vaishali she can kill him via other ways also. She asks how can he accept Khatriya’s injustice, since he left hastinapur, she held arrow. Karn says all their problems are because of Bhism’s injustice, once Bhism falls from his chariot, they will get justice.

Precap: Bheem asks Bhism why palaces are so vast. Bhism says it is for their stay. Bheem says where are their 100 brothers. Dushyasan says he came to take them to meet other brothers and asks Bhism if he can take their brothers.

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