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Suryaputra Karn 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn tells Parashuram being a brahmin if he can learn using weapons, why can’t a sooth learn. Why a sooth’s mouth is filled with molten iron if he recites mantra and why a khatriya is praised if he kills someone. Why he was cursed for being a sooth, which was not in his control. Parashuram says karn made a mistake by not telling truth to his guru and he made mistake by cursing him without knowing the truth. Karn asks to ask his guru dakshina. Parashuram says he already gave everything, so he will give him instead. He blesses him that he will be most superior of his students. A magical sword enters karn’s body. Parashuram then gets a special bow for karn and blesses him. Karn leaves that he is cursed, but will fight for his right till his last breath.

At Dhritarastra’s

palace, soldier announces that guru Parashuram’s disciple, guru Drona is coming. Drona comes and tells tonight is rajkumars’ final examination. Dhritarastra says he is eager to hear about his sons’ bravery. He then thanks Bhism for protecting hastinapur. Shakuni suggests all rajkumars should compete and whoever wins should be made yuvraj. Bhism says it is impossible as 105 rajkumars cannot compete. Shakuni says people need their yuvraj and if maharaj agrees, they can get yuvraj. Vidur says if rajkumars fight among themselves, who will protect their territory. Bhism says it is impossible to let brothers fight. Shakuni argues that rajkumars have to be brave hearted and fight with each other first to fight enemies.

Karn reaches his village and sees 2 children fighting and reminisces playing with Shon. Another child sees him holding arrow and asks if he is going to compete with Kauravas and Pandavs tomorrow.

Shakuni says Bhism there should be fair play tomorrow. Bhism asks if he is doubting Drona’s justice. Shakuni says whole world knows Drona’s love for Karn and will favor him, so he wants his dices to make justice.

Child tells his father that he will fight with Pandavs and Kauravas with his sword and will win. Father scolds that sooths cannot fight and it is only khatriyas’ right. Karn asks him not to depress his son and suggests child to do what his mind says.

Precap: During competition, Drona praises Arjun that he is world’s best warrior. Karn comes and says Arjun will have to fight with him to prove that.

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