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Suryaputra Karn 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Supriya scolds Karn for not apologizing her for trying to stop on flower and taunts that guests are mannerless. Karn commens that hosts are mannerless to allege guests for nothing and passes from there. Supriya thinks he is very arrogant. Flower blooms while Karn moves and Supriya is suprised to see that.

Vaishali sees flower shedding and gets worried. Adhirath and Radha reach there and she happily greets them. Radha hugs her and says she will be with her forever after her marriage with Karn and hopes Karn returns before marriage day. Vaishali says Karn’s second name is fulfilling promise and says he will be back before that. Adhirath says he is worried as Arjun has gone with Yudistra and Duryodhan may provoke Karn to fight with Arjun.

Two rajas fight for a seat.

Both taunt each other that they are inauspicious and worthless, etc. Yudistra see that and stops their fight. Old raja sits on seat then. Duryodhan enters. Old raja taunts him that he came here to swayamwar to lessen his sadness after losing yuvraj throne. Duryodhan taunts him that he forgot that he is old and came here to act as young. Old raja gets angry.

Supriya shows Karn to Bhanumati and says she should not marry him as he is very arrogant. Karn goes and stands next to Duryodhan instead of sitting. Supriya smiles and tells Bhanumati that man is not a participant, so she need not worry.

Swayamwar starts. Kaligna raja introduces his daughter Bhanumati. Supriya accompanies Bhanumati and introduces each raja. First she introduces old raja. Bhanumati surpasses him and old raja get angry. She then goes near Duryodhan. Supriya asks Karn who is he. He says he is Karn. She then introduces Duryodhan to Bhanumati. Old raja comments that Duryodhan is neighter raja nor yuvraj. Duryodhan gets angry. Bhanumati surpasses even him. He reminisces Shakuni’s words that he should marry before Yudistra. He holds Bhanumati’s hand and says he will marry her if not swaywamwar, then forcefully.

Arjun gets angry and provokes Duryodhan to fight with him first for insulting Bhanumati. Duryodhan calls Karn and asks him to fight. Arjun and Karn’s verbal battle starts. They both then hold arrow towards each other.

Precap: Supriya holds knife on Karn’s neck and warns him not to touch Bhanumati. Karn says knife does not look good in woman’s hands and ties her to his chariot.

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