Suryaputra Karn 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna annouces that swayamwar is open for everyone now and even brahmins can show their bravery. Pandavs try to leave. Krishna stops them and says they can also show their strength. Yudistra asks Arjun to go. Arjun says he is ready for the task. Karn is about to leave, but stops hearing that.

Other partcipants laugh that earlier sooth putra tried his luck and now brahmin. One of them jokes that brahmin’s curse is very powerful and he may break fish with his curse. Draupad asks Arjun if he can finish task, else he will lose his charity for life. Krishna says his tought is right, but one cannot underestimate brahmin’s strength as mental strenth is much stronger than physical strength. Even guru Parashuram is a brahmin and nobody can doubt his strength and talent. Karn says Duryodhan he wants to see why Vasudev is favoring this brahmin.

Krishna asks Draupadi if she will permit this brahmin to complete task. Draupadi already realizes that he is Arjun and nods yes. Arjun picks bow in 1 go. Everyone are shocked to see that. Arjun then ties thread and shoots fish eye looking into its shadow. Duryodhan asks if he will shoot fish eye. Karn says absolutely. Arrow shoots fish eye . Pandavs smile in happiness while everyone present are surprised.

Krishna asks Draupadi if she is ready to accept this brahmin man. She says it is already fixed since ages and smiles. Duryodhan surprisingly asks Karn how can this common brahmin finish task so easily. Karn says he is not a common brahimin, looks at Pandavs and says he is feeling something else.

Arjun and Draupadi exchange garlands completing their marriage and take Krishna’s blessings first. He says Arjun that escaping from fire was destined and suggests to leave the venue soon, looking at other participants’ angry face. Arjun leaves with Draupadi and other Pandavs.

Precap: Participants discuss that if Panchali cannot be theirs, she cannot be anyone else. Duryodhan says let us kill them and surrounds Pandav. Krishna tells Karn he should not get misguided again.

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