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Suryaputra Karn 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn promises Kunti that he will not kill any of her son except Arjun. Kunti says son.. He says Rajmata you can go now, her sacrificed son does not have anything to give now.

Karn then sits silently under tree. Krishna comes and says truth can be more beautiful than imagination and more harsh. Karn says he has understood that whatever happens in this world is as he wishes. Krishna says sometimes pain solves our problems, he had to know the truth and he has to use this pain in his favor. Karn says thhis truth filled darkness in his life, what goodness he sees. Krishna says now he is clear that he is not sooth and can go to any khatriya and seek his right, now he must know why he used to invite him to be on Pandav’s side, it

is better for him to change his side, he is eldest Kaunteya and better than Arjun, why brothers on opposite side, if both brothers unite, nobody can defeat them and not even his help. He can bring the changes as Hastinapur’s samrat which he could not as sooth putra. Hastinapur and humanity needs him and it is in everyone’s favor. Karn says if he considers his words and wins Hastinapur’s crown, will he be able to win pride in people’s heart, he will be insulted becoming suryputra karn. People will think he is so selfish to change his side after knowing he is suryaputra, should he change his god now. It is insult to great warrior Arjun, Yudistra and his savior Duryodhan. He believes in karma and not birth. When his real mother threw him, his adopted mother accepted him and Duryodhan gave him protection, he is more indebted to Duryodhan now, why he should change his side. Krishna says he is proud of his promises, but he wants him to be with him always, it is up to him to decide, what is his final decision. Karn says only 1 decision, either Duryodhan will have throne on his head or Karn will not have head on his body, nothing possible than this. He requests Krishna to keep his birth story a secret, else Yudistra will reject his throne and if he gives it to him, he will gift it to Duryodhan. Society will ignore Kunti, so he wants him to call him Radhe Karn and not Kunteye until his death.

Duryodhan reminisces Krishna’s warning that he will go to hell, etc. Shakuni comes and touches him. Duryodhan says who is he. Shakuni says he is his uncle. Duryodhan says trickster did magic and ruined his peace and Shakuni stood silently. Shakuni says he planned to capture Krishna. Duryodhan says his plan failed. Shakuni says Karn was with Krishna for a long time in jungle and even met Kunti, what if he wants to be on Pandav’s side. Duryodhan shouts he wants to meet Karn right now.

Karn says life is so unfair, he wanted to fight with his own brother and if he does not, it will be betrayal to his friend Duryodhan. What destiny is this. Krishna says this is a challenge to prove one self. Karn says such a painful challenge. Krishna says this challenge choses its challenger, he gives examples and moral gyaan.

Duryodhan calls Karn and asks why was he with trickster Krishna and Kunti. Kunti says she will say. Duryodhan asks Karn what drama his enemies’ mom has planned with trickster Krishna, whatever she must have planned is not good for him. Karn stands silently. Duryodhan then asks Kunti what is happening, snatching someone’s right, did she teach it to Pandavs. He laughs and says Pandavs must have definitely learnt from her, even she tricked her husband. Whole world thinks her sons are Pandavs, but they are not. She had extramarital affairs with 3 gods. Karn shouts it is enough, she is his mother.

Precap: Arjun tells that battle is fixed after one month, they all will gather and will start Mahabharath.

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