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Suryaputra Karn 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn gets impressed with Arjun’s talks and says he is like his brother shon. Arjun says he can think him as his brother and accept his request to follow him as his mom wants to meet him. Karn says parents can order even in jungle and follows Arjun. He asks him to tell his specialty. Arjun says he cannot call him world’s best archer, so he will call himself Arjun now. Karn says if he wants to become world’s best archer, he should correct his bow as his arrow turn to the right direction. Arjun shoots his arrow and is surprised seeing arrow turning to the right.

Dhritarastra starts rituals to make Duryodhan as yuvraj. Gandhari enters and asks how can he make Duryodhan as yuvraj when Pandav’s died just now and Vidur and Bhism are out. Shakuni interferes and says

it is auspicious day today and they cannot lose it. Gandhari says today is amavasya, so it is inauspicious per religion. Shakuni says amavasya is very auspicious. Dhritarastra continues performing rituals.

Arjun takes Karn back to Kunti and says vanraj has come. Karn touches kunti’s feet and asks why did he call a stranger here. She says he is dear one and asks if he wants to have food. He cannot. She says he is a guest and should accept her invitation. Karn sits for lunch. Yudhistra asks if common people can have food with vanraj. KArn nods yes. All 5 pandav’s enjoy fruits with him. After lunch, Karn says he will leave not. She says his place is in hastinapur and he should come with her. He says he will when Yudistra becomes yuvraj. Kunti says they are going to hastinapur to make yudistra as yuvraj.

Just when Dhritarastra is about to make Duryodhan as yuvraj, Bhism enters and stops him. He says when Yudistra is alive, Duryodhan cannot be made yuvraj. Shakuni say yagna cannot be stopped. Bhism asks Dhritarastra to continue yagna and make Yudistra as yuvraj. Shakuni says Dhritarastra how can anyone disobey him. Bhism says Dhritarastra when he is not a king and is just a guardian, how can he make his son yuvraj. Duryodhan asks Dhritarastra to make him yuvraj soon. Shakuni asks if he will oppose king now. Bhism says he is parashuram’s disciple and ganga’s son, so if he wants to fight with him, he can try. Dhritarastra says he wants to speak to Bhism regarding yuvraj.

Kunti tells Karn that she will take permission from Adhirath and asks him to permit karn to return back to Hastinapur. Adhirath says he will permit karn if he agrees to become rajkumars’ sarathi/charioteer. Karn says he knows rajkumars fall down from his chariot. Kunti says then he should consider her sons as friends and protect them, she is sure he will not drop his friends. Karn reminisces Bhism telling he will take his exam and thinks exam in his fate and accepts Kunti’s requests.

Precap: Vaishali asks Karn if he accepted defeat so easily. Karn says came back to teach Bhism a lesson and show how wrong he is.

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