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Suryaputra Karn 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He asks Arjun to get up and finish what he has started, he has to finish his duty. Arjun picks his bow and walks. Krishna walks and Arjun walks on his footsteps. Krishna goes and sits on chariot seat. Arjun stands behind and looks at all the warriors around. Krishna picks horse belt and rides chariot and stands on Pandav’s side. He asks Arjun if he is ready. Arjun says yes. Krishna rounds his ring finger freezed time restarts. All warriors get back to life.

Dhritarastra asks Sanjay if war started. Sanjay says Vasudev’s words made him silent, like Arjun he also got enlightened with Vasudev’s knowldege. Dhritarastra asks him to forget all that and tell what is happening in war. Bhism, Drona, Shakuni,

Duryodhan, Dushyasan, and all 5 pandavs blow shank. Sanjay says war’s shankh has been blown.

Duryodhan laughs on Pandavs that they will smashed half way and will plead for life. Arjun says he is thinking wrong, he promises to get his flag on his side by the end of the day. Duryodhan shouts how dare he is, can’t he see he is standing in front of great warriors. If he is successful in snatching his flag, he will end war right then. He shouts akraman/attack…followed by Pandavs. Both armies run towards each other. Arjun throws his arrow and kills most of Duryodhan’s army followed by other Pandavs. Sanjay informs Dhritarastra that war has started, Duryodhan has challenged Arjun that if he snatches flag before sunset, he will accept defeat. Dhritarastra says why did Duryodhan do this mistake, if Bhism did not say anything. Sanjay says no…Dhritarastra says he does not know what Bhism is thinking.

Duryodhan asks Bhism if he can see how Pandavs are killing their army. Shakuni asks Bhism to give them orders. Bhism says they wil not do anything. Arjun kills most of army. Duryodhan asks Bhism if he forgot his promise. Bhism says he remembers everything. Drona asks his charioteer to march towards other side. He stands in front of Dhrupad. Dhrupad says they have forgiven each other for their mistakes and now they don’t have any reason to fight. Drona says there is a reason, Draupadi’s vastra haran.

Nakul arns Shakuni that he had taken oath to kill him and will kill now. He jumps from chariot and marches towards Shakuni killing soldiers. Drupad and Drona’s fight starts. Nakul beats Shakuni…

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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