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Suryaputra Karn 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn rests Abhimanyu to peace. Duryodhan shouts why did he kill Abhimanyu when he told that he wants to kill Abhimanyu till sunset. Karn shouts it is already sunset and they lost a great warrior. Once sunsets and everyone leaves, Pandavs run towards Abhimanyu’s dead body and cry loudly.

Karn meets Kunti and says he cannot remove Abhimanyu’s blood stains from his hands. Kunti asks if it is true her grandson Abhimanyu is no more. Karn says yes. She starts crying. He consoles her and their emotional discussion continues. Karn says he will live with a burden of killing a great warrior and leaves.

Krishna takes back Arjun on chariot sadly. They pass via a mountain on which Barbarik’s head is. Barbarik stops Krishna and asks when his sacrifice was necessary to establish Dharma, why was another warrior sacrifice necessary, could not he change fate. Krishna says time cannot be stopped and one has to go through fate. Arjun says it looks that they are talking about losing a dear one. He sees Abhimanyu standing far away and gets down. Abhimanyu smiles at him and vanishes. Arjun realizes that Abhimanyu is gone.

Pandavs continues crying over Abhimanyu’s deadbody. Virat raj says it is time to carry his deadbody and give him respect. Yudistra asks how will he inform Arjun and Panchali that their son is dead. He continues…. Arjun comes running and holds his son and cries. Krishna says his son became world’s great warrior and martyr and will be remembered forever.

Precap: Arjun on Abhimany’s funeral takes oath that he will kill Abhimanyu’s murderers or will die himself.

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  1. Nice update
    Why dont update about Moral Ghayan.It should be update and should be elaborate and add more dialogue according to script.

    1. totally agree, I watch that part, regardless of the time to watch the rest. well scripted and presented. I originally thought the actor who played Lord Krishna overacted, but either he has got better or the messages more concise, either way I focus on the message and it has grown on me….

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