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Suryaputra Karn 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episodes starts with khsatriyas fuming seeing Karn winning arrow shooting competition and telling low caste people are not entitled to hold bow and arrow, so they will kill Karn. Tauji pleads to spare kid. Even people come to his rescue and tell if they had won competition, kid would not have hold bow. One of them tells they cannot kill anyone after pooja. Khsatriyas tell they will spare Karn this time. Karn asks if Khatriyas should not win competition. Khsatriya get irked and tries to snatch bow from him, but Karn holds bow tight. Two-three of them forcefully take bow and Tauji takes him and Shon from there.

Radha beats Karn with cane for touching bow. Sushim rescues him. She holds Karn’s hand sand says he will risk their life one day. She throws Karn out of house and says

he should stay out in cold whole night as a punishment. Karn gets happy thinking his mom at least held his hand for the first time. He then prepares his own bow and arrow to hunt musk deer. Shon comes out and asks how will he get musk deer now. He says he has prepared his own bow and arrow.

Karn then goes to mountain cliff to hunt musk deer and finds out. He runs behind it and he will not harm it and once he shows it to his mom, he will return it back here. A bear attacks Karn and he tries to hit him with arrow, but does not pierce bear’s touch skin. Karn then thinks of fighting it with bare hands and jumps on it. Someone throws arrow on bear and it runs injured. Karn sees a warrior who asks what is he doing here. Karn says he did right by rescuing bear, else he would have killed it. Warrior asks who is he. Karn says he is Radhe karn and from nearby village and asks who is he. Man says he is a sanyasi and has an ashram nearby. He suggests karn to rest today in his ashram and then tomorrow they both can hunt musk deer. Karn insists he will hunt today itself. Warrior says he can have food and rest today and then can leave tomorrow. Karn agrees and walks with him. Warrior says he must have not informed his father. Karn says no.

Sushim wakes up in the middle of night and does not find Shon and Karn at home. He wakes up Tauji and Radha. Tauji goes out to check and Radha says Shon must have gone to temple and she does not know about Karn. Tauji comes back and says Karn must have gone to bring musk deer for Radha. Sushim tells Radha that Karn tries to become his son often, but she does not accept him at all even once. Radha says she is not Karn’s mom and is just giving him space to live here and says if he wants Karn’s mother, he should get her back from heaven.

Kunti waits for her husband/warrior in ashram. Warrior comes with karn and asks if she knows who this boy is. She immediately identifies him as her and surya’s son Karn.

Precap: Karn meets guru who asks what his father does. He says father is a charioteer, but he will become warror. Guru says low caste people cannot hold bow and arrow. Karn asks if children are born alike, then how do they get caste when they grow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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