Suryaputra Karn 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Indra dev laughs thinking he will force Karn to do sin by killing cow and get him cursed. He looks at Karn’s horse and horse panics and runs erraneously. Karn sees his horse running and runs behind it.

A brahmin and his wife pamper their cow and its calf and gets into their hut. Indra sends rakshas who kidnaps calf. They come out and start crying seeing calf missing. Karn runs behind horse, sees them crying and asks reason. Brahmin says his calf is missing and cow will die if it does not return. Karn says he will bring his calf and starts searching it in jungle. A boy informs him that monster took calf.

Karn sees monster and warns it to leave calf. Monster laughs and throws log on him. Karn breaks it with his arrow. He then throws big boulder and Karn breaks it again. Monster enlarges himself like a mountain. Karn shoots arrow and breaks calf’s rope. Calf runs and monster runs behind it.

Shivji comes to test Arjun. He changes himself into hunter and sends a huge animal behind people. People panic and run for help. Arjun breaks his tapasya and says he is khatriya and is first duty is to protect people. He shoots arrow on animal and kills it. He walks near animal and sees another arrow present and thinks someone else also shot animal. Shivji comes and says it is his arrow. Arjun says he can take animal. Shivji says he will not accept it like this and will fight with him first. Shivji shoots arrow and Arjun breaks it with his arrow. Their fight starts. Arjun finally shoots his most deadliest arrow and it falls on shivji’s feet instead. Arjun thinks how can this happen, who is this hunter.

Karn follows monster. Calf gets stuck in ditch. Monster goes and stands next to it. Karn shoots arrow. Monster laughs that it is Karn’s destroyal now and vanishes. Arrow hits calf and it dies. Karn gets afraid.

Precap: Bhramin curses Karn for killing calf that he will also die helpless like his calf.

Update Credit to: MA

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