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Karn loudly tells Draupad that he accepts his challenge and will complete swayamwar’s challenge. Krishna asks Draupadi what will she do if she will know that Arjun is alive. She says she will marry him. He shows Arjun among Pandavs and says if Karn completes task, she cannot fulfill the goal she is born for.

Karn goes near bow and picks it angrily. Arjun standing between spectators praises Karn silently. Karn looks at fish’s relfection in water and then looks at fish which is far away from world in the sky. Krishna asks Draupadi if she understood what he said. Karn looks at fish’s eye and raises bow to shoot arrow. Draupadi reminsces Karn shooting leaves looking in her eyes and stops Karn from shooting. Duryodhan asks why. She says she does not want to marry a sooth putra. Karn is shattered to hear that. Karn angrily shoots fish’s eye image. He reminisces Draupadi telling that human’s deeds are important than his caste.

Karn tells Draupadi that her words and meaning differs. Vasudev Krishna says Panchali has right to choose her life partner. Duryodhan gets angry and asks Draupad if he called them all for entertainment and not swayamwar. Krishna repeats again that if is up to Panchali to chose her life partner.

One of participants says he accepts Draupadi’s decisions and says he is surprised that Duryodhan does not know rules. He brought sooth with him and does not know swayamwar is for only Khatriyas. Karn says he is proud to be sooth as sooths guide Khatriyas, ironsmith makes weapons and khatriyas are incapable of anything. He is surprised that Draupadi differs in her words and meaning.

Draupad asks Krishna to find a solution now. Krishna says swayamwar should be opened for everyone now. Duryodhan, Karn and Shakuni fume hearing this.

Precap: Draupad asks who dares to complete challenge now. Arjun says he will and raises bow to shoot fish’s eye.

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