Suryaputra Karn 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn tells he Radha that he will be Radhe Karn his whole life. Adhirath watches from a distance and smiles emtooinally. Radha get emotional. He hugs her and cries and walks away. She asks where is he going. He says to confront his real father.

Karn goes in jungle and calls Suryadev. Suryadev comes. Karn says he now knows that he is his son and asks why did not he accept him till now. Suryadev says he was helpless and describes how Kunti got boon by Rishi durvasa that she will get a child from her devoted god. She jokingly asked him to give her a child and he had to forcefully give her a child. He was helpless . Karn asks emotionally how can he disown him even then and says he should accept him now in front of everyone. Suryadev leaves saying he made his father happier even after all this.

Krishna comes to Kunti’s room and says she should end her self-trouble and inform Karn that he is her son. Kunti meets Karn in jungle. Karn calls her raj mata. She asks him not call her mother. He says she felt ashamed till now to call her son and even now does not want to accept him son in open, then why should he call her mother. He is Radha’s son and will be Radhe Karn forever. He used to feel dearness whenever she used to come near him, but did not know she is his mother till now. She says she came to know during competition. Karn asks even then she did not accept him as her son, now he understood that she came here for Arjun and not him, she wants him to spare Arjun. She says no and asks him not to participate in war and fight with his brothers. Karn says he will kill only Arjun and will spare rests of her sons, and will return to her forever, but if he gets killed by Arjun, she should not bother. Kunti continues crying.

Precap: Karn asks Kunti to go now. Shakuni tells Duryodhan that Karn spent a lot of time with Pandav’s mother, what if he came under trickster Krishna’s influence and wants to befriend Pandavs. Duryodhan says it cannot happen.

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