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Duryodhan angrily tells Shakuni that Pandav’s cannot be alive and he wants to kill them. Shakuni tells not to get angry and thinks wisely, when Pandav’s can kill Agniparv rakshak, they can defeat anyone. They should think wisely and use tricks to defeat them.

Bheem asks Karn who is he and asks why did he help them when they did not need it. Karn says hep protected them instead and he does not help kshatriyas as they will punish whoever helps them. Yudistra says karn protected them. Nakul asks if they could not defeat rakshas without karn’s help. Arjun says they could have, but karn did not let them to think. Yudistra says they should salute karn for protecting them. Karn says he does not need khatriya’s salute. Bhism asks how dare he is to disrespect his

brother. Their argument starts. Karn sees Kunti and Adhirath coming and says if they want to punish him, they should ask his father who is coming to punish him as he accepts only his father and mother’s punishment and nobody else.

Karn silently walks. Kunti asks who was he who saved her. Bheem says he told he is Adhirath’s son. Kunti asks Adhirath if he is karn. Adhirath nods yes. Kunti calls Karn, but he continues walking. She reminiscing meeting him in childhood and he telling he wants to go and get musk deer for his mom, she asks if he is going in search of musk deer again. He stops, turns back, greets her and says sooths cannot dream of musk deer. She says he should return to hastinapur with her. He says there are many musk deers in hastinapur, so his father ordered him to sacrifice hastinapur, so he is going to stay in jungle and leaves greeting her again.

Duryodhan sets wooden logs on fire and sits on them to sacrifice himself. Dhritrarastra says he cannot kill himself and cannot even oppose Bhism’s order, until he orders, he cannot make him yuvraj. Shakuni says he is raja and can order anything. Duryodhan says he will kill himself if he is not made yuvraj. Dhritarastra tries to console him, but he and Shakuni continue their drama.

Kunti asks Adhirath why did he order karn to live in jungle. He says Karn is very powerful and special and always confronts khatriyas’s injustice. She asks it is good that he opposes injustice. She is surprised that Karn’s mother let him go and reminisces she dropping her child into river. He says she could not oppose his order. She says she will not let a mother separated from her son, sees pandav’s washing their hands for lunch and asks Yudistra to bring back Adhirath’s son. Arjun says he will find his footsteps and will bring him back. Adhirath says karn has grown up now and has right to stay in jungle. Kunti says she cannot see a son separating from mother.

Arjun finds Karn’s footsteps and follows them. He sees karn walking and requests to stop him. Karn continues walking. He shoots arrow and orders it to stop karn. Karn sees arrow in front of him and breaks it. Arjun continues shooting and karn catches them. Arjun asks how can he catch arrow. He says he heard arrow’s sound in air and stopped it. Karn asks why did not he stop hearing him. Karn says he has no time. Arjun asks if he does not want to. Karn says he does not accept orders. Arjun says he is requesting. Karn asks how come a prince is requesting. Arjun asks if he requested anytime. Karn says he did, but was punished for it. Arjun asks if he is a king of jungle now. Karn says in jungle, it is either king or a dead body. Arjun smiles and says then he is also a king.

Precap: Karn tells Kunti he will return to Hastinapur with his father’s permission when Yudistra becomes yuvraj. Kunti says Yudistra is going to Hastinapur to become Yuvraj.

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