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Suryaputra Karn 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says if a sinner does sin, it is better to free his soul from his sinned body. A human purifies his body and gets rid of his sins. Arjun says he did not understand. Krishna says when a human realizes that his body is a land, means a mud, he lives in that land and know it, then he progresses him via his body. Soul living in body tries to do 3 tasks and meets parmatma. Arjun asks how one prays, if submission is prayer. Submission is first stage of prayer. It is human duty to keep him free from dirt and sin. Arjun asks if prayer is part of mind, then why should one pray repeatedly. Krishna says prayer/bhakti has to be polished repeatedly. He then continues that one should be free from greed and guilt. One who does bhakti/pray

will meet him.

Arjun says he learnt one should do his work without expecting reward and pray selflessly. He told there are no human, and each one are parmatma in their own way. He requests Krishna to show his parmatma form and clear his doubts. Krishna asks to watch then. Arjun sees whole battlefield empt. He sees a big boulder of fire falling from sky on earth and earth turning into a fire ball. Itis then surrounded by lotus and Bhrama is seen sitting on lotus. Then, ocean with fishes are seen and whole universe. Krishna is then seen in his real god form with 10 heads, each of one god. He says with bhakti, knowledge comes and seeing him in this form is knowledge and knowledge is seeing him. He is showing him the form which even gods find it difficult to see. He is genius person’s intellience, strongman’s strength, etc. He is everything, he is Shiv, Ganesh, Indra, etc. He is the beginning and ending of life, he is brahma vidya. There is no place where he is not there. He is time, he is death, he is standing as everyone present’s death. Arjun should sacrifice his internal attraction and fight.

Arjun says all his doubts are destroyed. It is his good luck that he became evidence to his godly form. His life is complete today. He requests him to come back to vasudev Krishna’s form, hepromises he will trust him completely and will do his duty. Krishna comes back to his vasudev Krishna form and asks him to wake up and start his duty. Arjun picks his bow and raises it in air. Krishna holds his shoulders and shows him way.

Precap: Krishna asks Arjun if he is ready. Arjun says yes and promises Duryodhan that he will defeat him and get his flag on his side.

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  1. Anupama Sharma

    Would like to know which are 10 God head in this of Krishna.. I want to know all 10 names.. I could know only Krishna Shiv Ganesh Brahma Agni.. Pl tell

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