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Suryaputra Karn 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna addresses swayamwar participants and says they have look into fish’s shadow in water and shoot it. Pandavs are seeing walking towards hastinapur and entering palace. First a few participants try but fail. Everyone laugh on them.

Draupadi asks Krishna if anyone would be able to even pick bow and soot fish eye. Krishna says there are 3 people in this world. She eagerly asks who are they. He says patience is woman’s best quality and she should wait. He then thinks 2 are present in this hall and 3rd one will be coming soon.

Draupadi asks Krishna when she is made for Arjun, then he must be alive. Krishna says her meeting with Arjun will be painful. Jarasand picks bow next but drops it. Pandavs enter palace and enter swayamwar venue next.

Arjun comes last. Draupadi feels him coming and tells Krishna she felt something. Krishna smiles.

Arjun sees Krishna looking at him and asks Yudistra who is he. Yudistra says he is Vasudev Krishna, our cousin looking at all participants. He has dove eyes, so each person thinks he is looking at him.

Dristyadumna announces that last participant Duryodhan will try now. Duryodhan comes smirking and lifts bow. Draupadi asks Krishna to tell at least now who are 3 people who can complete today’s challenge. Krishna says first him, second Radhe Karn and third Arjun. Draupadi says Arjun is not here. Krishna says he may come here soon. Duryodhan lifts bow and Karn guides him. Duryodhan holds thread to tie. Arjun says Yudistra Duryodhan’s hold is very weak and thread will slip. Karn murmurs Duryodhan he should concentrate or thread will slip. Duryodhan smirking at everyone tries to tie thread, but it slips and he falls down. Everyone laughs on him and he angrily goes and sits back on his seat.

Draupad insults all the participants that nobody is yodha here and they all are tricksters and fools who think themselves as great warriors, they are shame on their guru. Karn stops him and says this swayamwar itself is a trick. Krishna reminisces Karn telling he will not participate until his friend Duryodhan is not biased. Karn tells Draupad he tricked by keeping only archery instead of gadha yudha and other fights. If he had kept gadha yudha, his friend duryodhan would have won. Draupad says Krishna has set this swayamwar and if he is alleging him partial. Karn says yes and says since he is pointing on his guru’s teaching, he will partcipate now.

Precap: Karn raises bow and is about to shoot fish eye when Draupadi stops him and says she does not want to marry sooth putra.

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