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Suryaputra Karn 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn confronting Sooth/low caste head and saying he cannot take back gifted water well from iron smith clan. Tauji says sooth head should be punished. Everyone back him and shout head should be punished. Head angrily walks from there with his men. Senapati silently watches everything and gets angry on Karn.

Raja Dhritarastra during royal meeting expresses concern about his childlessness. Bhism suggests to perform havan. Raja gets angry and says he wants to remind him that he is blind. Messenger comes and reads Pandu’s letter that a son is born to him and he has kept his name as Yudistra. Raja gets angry. Bhism gets happy and announces that Yudhistra is yuvraj. Raja shouts to call rajkumar. Shakuni interferes and says it is a time for celebration and

asks bhism to announce a festival in town.

Karn feeds Radha. She asks why did he gift iron smith clan and asks to take it back. He says gift cannot be taken back. Radha says it is against society. Shon comes and says there is festival in town as yuvraj Yudistra is born.

Shakuni shouts that bhism played trick and made Pandu’s son and challenges god that he will not keep quiet until he makes his sister gandhari’s son as king. He self-inflicts wound to his thigh and says he will keep it raw until he reaches his mission. Senapati and his puppets come into temple hearing his sound. He asks them to celebrate. He then touches his wound, smears his hand with blood and asks god where is his boon of 100 sons to Gandhari. He smears idol with his blood and says Pandu’s son has created a spark of revenge in him and he will not let it off until he destroys Yudistra. He then falls unconscious. Senapati thinks shakuni reminded him of revenge with karn who made his life hell and orders his puppet to add poison in water well.

Shon asks Vaishali if she is not afraid of snakes. She says she is not. Her friends say they are afraid of snakes. Shon asks Karn to tell how snakes were in well. He says it was not snake but snake god with an illusion. He continues describing what he did inside well.

Senapati’s man brings poison to add in well, but it breaks. Sooth head pours pot full of poison in well and then tells Karn, he insulted him in front of everyone and alleges that he added poison in well. Shon runs and informs Adhirath and tauji that karn’s gifted well is poisonous.

Precap: Iron smith clan alleges Karn for poisoning water well to take his revenge and pick stones to throw on him.

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