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Suryaputra Karn 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn completes challenge given by Parashuram and breaks water barrier. Water starts flowing but stops again. He asks bhagwan shiv to help him. He then reminisces Parashuram’s 2 more challenges, the last one to bring a mango which is not on tree and should not fall on ground and he should catch it before it falls. He tries to catch falling mango, but mango falls on ground.

Arjun tries to shoot at target facing his head in opposite direction but fails. He goes to Dhrona and says he failed again. Dhrona says he will need time to learn. He says when Ekalavya can learn, why can’t he and says he realized the meaning of his words. In the morning, he asks Bheem to throw his gadha towards him. Bheem throws. Arjun senses its sound and shoots arrow and breaks gadha into pieces.

Bheem and other brothers praise him. He asks where is guru Dhrona. Bheem says he went into jungle in the morning.

Karn senses sound of mango before falling, closes his eyes and catches mango on time. He happily gives it to Parashuram who says he learnt the importance of sound. Karn argues he wants to learn archery directly instead of all these gimmicks. Parashuram asks why did he come to him and says he wants to make him from special to superspecial.

Karn’s teachings start. Parashuram asks him to shoot on flying object. Karn tries and fails. Parashuram says he has only 2 tries, else he will have not be his student. Karn tries again and fails. Parashuram asks him to think of his troubles, challenges, etc… Karn closes his eyes and shoots perfectly. Parashuram blesses him.

Drona meets Ekalavya. Ekalavya thanks him for accepting him as his student. Drona says he needs his right thumb as guru dakshina. Ekalavya says if he would have asked his head, he would have cut it and kept it on his feet. He cuts his thumb and says he is relieved giving his guru dakshina. Pandav’s come there and watch everything silently. Drona then takes bath in river and says he behaved like a rakshas and made a sin by asking Ekalavya’s thumb, history will not forgive him for that.

After a few years, people come pleading Parashuram to save them from devraj Indra’s wrath as he wants them to pray only him. Parashuram says he has taken oath not to touch weapon again. People ask then Indra will continue his injustice. Parashuram says his student will use his arrows and teach Indra a lesson and it is time for his student to prove his worth and teachings and starts praising Karn. A grown up Karn is shown holding bow and arrow. Parashuram says it is time to examine his student and prove if he did right by chosing him or not. Karn shoots his arrow and breaks Indra’s barrier. Indra says many people defeated him with shram/hardwork, but he used his arrow and asks who is he. Karn says he is Karn, Radhe Karn.

Precap: Indra asks Karn what is his age and religion. Karn says scholar’s age and worth is not asked, his worth is proved by his knowledge.

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