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Suryaputra Karn 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyan. He tells Arjun that when a raja thinks of going on sanyas, they make the world unstable. If his father would not have taken sanyas, Yudistra would have been king now and this war would not have happened. He describes the value of karma. He also describes the disadvantage of anger and losses borne by it. He continues drescribing the value of dharma, adharma, krodh, lobh, etc. He gives an example of a a person sitting in dark room and asking how to see sun. He would say to open eyes and look out. He also describes about atma/soul and parmatma/creator. Arjun says he is parmatma. Krishna says even he is parmatma, he is Duryodhan, he is Karn, he is also Arjun. Krishna says if he can submit himself to him, why can’t he submit himself to parmatma. Krishna chants shlok again and describes meaning to sacrifice all religions and accept him as he is earth, tree, heaven, etc.. Arjun asks how can this happen when he was born as human in this age. Krishna says Arjun is looking at body, but he is talking about soul, he is reborn in many lives. He says he came here to establish dharma…and continues.

Krishna continues he is Bhism, Parashuram, Ram chandra, etc. He is neighter man nor woman, he is power, he is light. Even Arjun can see all this, but he has to submit himself. He continues his moral gyaan and says even after Karn knowing Duryodhan is wrong, he is on Duryodhan’s side and will have to face hell.

Krishna says like human’s nature, his karma is. Like iron chain cannot be worn as ornament. He describes power of prayers and reaching parmatma via it. He also describe a phase between birth and death where there is only life and nothing else. Arjun asks if killing all the enemies persent here is a solution. Krishna says if a person does sin, he has to punished and it is his duty to stop adharma. He continues his moral gyaan.

Precap: Arjun requests Krishna to take parmatma’s form and clear all his doubts. Krishna shows him parmatma’s form.

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