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Suryaputra Karn 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Abhimanyu tells Yudistra that he knows how to break barrier. Yudistra warns him not to go there as it is trap. Abhimanyu says it is an insult to his father if he stands a spectator and enters trap. Yudistra asks charioteer to follow Abhimanyu, once he breaks trap, they will protect him.

Duryodhan says once Abhimanyu enters trap, he will be punished for his sin and will get easy death. Abhimanyu enters and kills soldiers and asks Yudistra to follow him. He continues killing soldiers and gets into trap deeply. Karn sees that and praises him.

Jaydrath stops Pandavs. Yudistra throws spearhead on him. Spreadhead crosses Jaydrath’s body, but he laughs and removes it. His body heals instantaneously. He says he got superpowers

and boon by lord Shiva and is here to take revenge from Pandavs. Today, nobody can kill him and only Abhimanyu will die. Abimanyu continues breaking each step of trap and gets deep in. Jaydrath says Abhimanyu insulted Duryodhan yesterday and today Duryodhan will kill him. Yudistra orders Abhimanyu to come back as it is a trap. Abhimanyu thinks getting into trap and coming out is impossible, he will die for sure today.

At Virat, Krisna stops chariot in battlefield. Arjun says move ahead, enemy is near. Krishna sadly says yes, enemy is near. Yudistra tries to explain Abhimanyu to come back. Abhimanyu says a warrior will not back off fearing death, today he will win over death. Draupadi senses Abhimanyu is in danger and prays god to save him. Duryodhan greets Abhimanyu to come ad get killed. Abhimanyu chants Vrishasen’s dialogues. Karn gets emotional hearing that. Jaydrath fights with all 4 Pandavs and beats them to pulp and says he can kill them in seconds, but he wants them to feel the pain seeing Abhimanyu dying slowly.

Duryodhan asks Abhimanyu if he got afraid seeing so many warriors. Abhimanyu says he is happy that he is fighting with so many warriors, it is pride moment for warrior Arjun’s son and Krishna’s nephew. Dushyasan shouts to be in his limits. Abhimanyu says until he is alive, he will kill many enemies. Ashwathama, Shakuni, and others shoot arrows and Abhimanyu breaksthem all. He breaks Duryodhan’s arrow and asks if he remembers how he insulted him last time and showed his real place. Duryodhan shouts it is enough now and asks Drona to shoot him. Drona sadly picks arrow. Bhism cries not to do injustice and kill a boy. Ashwathama asks Drona if he remembes his promise. Duryodhan says boy’s strength is in chariot and asks him to break chariot. Drona breaks Abhimanyu’s chariot and he falls down. Pandavs shout Abimanyu…… Arjun feels pain in Virat and asks Krishna why is he feeling pain, if it is a sign of something. Abhimanyu gets up. Jaydrath continues beating Bheem and others.

Shakuni asks Duryodhan to remind Karn of his duty. Karn says he is following rules and it is up to Abimanyu to select whom he wants to fight with. Duryodhan says it is not a time for ethics. Karn says he cannot break ethics. Abhimanyu taunts Duryodhan if he had known ethics, this war would not have happened. Karn says Abhimanyu he has to choose his opponent. Abhimanyu says he wants to fight with all of them. Jaydrath asks Pandavs to see how Abhimanyu will suffer. Duryodhan asks Karn to break Abhimanyu’s bow. Karn does so and is about to kill him, but Duryodhan says he wants him to suffer till sunset. Karn says Abhimanyu is a warrior and should die like a warrior. Duryodhan says Abhimanyu is not a warrior, he is Pandav’s bad blood, so he should kill Abhimanyu. Yudistra shouts it is injustice. Duryodhan asks Karn to remember how Pandavs killed Vrishasen ruthlessly. Karn shoots arrow and it crosses Abhimanyu’s chest. Krishna feels pain in his chest in Virat. Bheem, Yudistra, Nakul and Sahdev shout Abhimanyu……

Draupadi feels something is wrong. Uttara comes and says she is feeling something bad will happen, Abhimanyu has gone to battlefield without protection. Draupadi says not to worry, he is protected by 4 Pandavs. She prays god to sunset today early as her son went without protection.

Abhimanyu removes arrow from his body and picks sword. Duryodhan ordes Drona to attack Abhimanyu. Drona sadly shoots arrow and it breaks sword and hits Abhimanyu’s shoulder. Krishna feels pain in his shoulder. Arjun asks if he is fine. Krishna says in war one feels pain and it is warrior’s quality to tolerate it. Abhimanyu continues smiling and provoking Kauravs. Karn requests Duryodhan to stop now as Abhimanyu has suffered pain a lot and it is time to end his pain. Duryodhan orders him to do obey his orders and continue killing him slowly. Abhimanyu removes arrows from his body and picks sword again. Shakuni, Ashwathama, and Dushysan walk toward him with weapons. Duryodhan says he wants to see injuries in Abhimanyu’s whole body. They attack Abhimanyu at once, but he retaliates them. Shakuni stabs him from back. Krishna feels pain and sheds tears.

Precap: Karn hugs Abhimanyu that that he will get world’s great warrior’s title and now he should be relieved. He stabs Abhimanyu, feeling pain himself.

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