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Suryaputra Karn 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Arjun continues shooting Karn. Arrows hit Karn’s chest and then pierce his neck. Karn falls down. Yudistra with Bheem, Nakul, Sahdev rushes and shouts Karn is their elder brother. Arjun is shocked. Yudistra gets down from chariot and takes Karn’s head on his lap and asks why did not he tell he is their elder brother when he knew it from before. He always protected him, Bheem, Nakul, Sahdev, Abhimanyu. Bheem asks why did not he break his mouth when he always insulted him as sooth putra. Duryodhan also reaches the spot.

Arjun walks towards Karn and reminisces Krishna ordering him repeatedly to kill Karn, saying he is not doing sin, he is freeing a great soul from a burden. He asks Krishna he knew everything from before. Krishna gives moral gyaan and says Arjun took a right path and Karn a wrong path, so he could not help. He just freed Karn from his pain.

Kunti enters with Draupadi and says she is under burden of doing injustice to his son forever. She cries vigorously and apologizes Karn for not being with him whole life. Karn asks her to stop crying.

Shakuni comes next followed by Radha, Adhirath, and Vrishali. Vrishali pampers him. He says he could not clear her debt in this life, he is proud that he is called Radhe Karn in this world. He calls Vrishali and apologizes her for breaking his promise to be with her whole life. He is going on his last journey and does not want to see her crying. Vrishali says she will be his charioteer whole life, he is a thought and not body, thought does not die forever, she promises that she will keep his dream alive via her eyes.

Precap: Duryodhan alleges Karn that he betrayed him since the beginning. He befriended him, but was on Pandav’s side always.

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  1. Throughout the entire series Gautam Rode played wonderful character, for his acting the serial received good response, even I liked this serial…… but unfortunately today’s episode was overloaded with emotions, which has according to me quite ruined the fantastic drama’s end. In comparison to karn’s demise in this serial, if u watch the star plus mahabharat (where Aham Sharma played Karn) that episode was much better, where Karn was smiling during his last moments… yet he managed to bring tears in the eyes of the viewers. i am not saying suryaputra karn todays episode is crap, but u see the emotion sequences are going a but too far, here karn is writhing in pain (even Abhimanyu, a much junior warrior was smiling during his brutal assault, which resulted in greater pain than our hero) and Duryodhan shouting at him (the actual truth is that Duryodhan’s friendship with karn is so great that he who didnot shed a single tear during his 99 brothers’ deaths, the same Duryodhan could not help but cry at the death of his best friend). Anyways there are lot of glitches in the script eg. Vidurs cruel attitude towards karn in the beginning (something entirely opposite to reality), duryodhan karn childhood meeting (which never happened) and latest Lord Krishna’s repeated partiallity towards Arjun over karn, be it swayambhar or battlefield (this couldnot be a God’s character); but considering Rode’s todays role as an ever sad- faced hero (like Asha Pareek)………. No wonder why Aham Sharma’s role as Mahabali Karn (in Star plus mahabharat) and not to forget, Saurav Raj Jain, as Lord Krishna was the best of all…….. both even better than BR Chopra’s Mahabharat.

  2. Don’t ever say that Mr Avinav, no one can replace Neetish Bharadwaj’ role of Lord Krishna as the best of all, Sarabh Raj Jain was quite good, but B .R. Chopra’s Mahbharat and it’s casts are unmatchable

  3. I liked and have watched/watching the entire serial of Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman and Surya Putra Karn. There may be different versions of Mahabharath , hence the direction may be in that fashion. Moral Gyan at the beginning of the episode is so relevant even today and Lord Krishna’s partiality to Arjun is very nicely substantiated. All the best for the Surya Putra Karn team and a very good show. Thanks for such a good serial.

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