Suryaputra Karn 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyaan. Karn shoots arrow and it turns into garland and falls on Balram and Krishna. Balram asks what kind of attack it is. Krishna says it is felicitation and says he told that he will meet a different warrior. Balram asks Karn what he needs. Karn says he needs friendship. Balram asks why did he wage war by capturing yagna horse. Karn shows horse’s cut ear and says yagna horse should not have defect, else yagna will not complete, so he wanted to help him, but his warriors attacked him and he just made them weaponless instead of killing them as a counterattack. Balram says and asks again what he needs. Karn says friendship and asks him to teach Duryodhan gada yudh and make him world’s best gada warrior. Balram agrees and

invites Duryodhan to be Dwarka’s guest. Duryodhan tells Karn he once again gave his boon to him and proved his selfless friendship. Karn says he is Hastinapur and yuvraj’s servant and just did his duty. He greets Duryodhan and walka way, making Shakuni fume.

Krishna comes to Karn’s room and asks he must be tired after 12 years of war and needs rest. Karn says for sleep, mind should be peaceful, but his mind has changed completely. Krishna says he wanted change and it happened. Karn says he wanted freedom and himself became Hastinapur’s servant. Krishna says he warned him many times, but he did not listen. One’s friends and resources should be pure and he knows what kind of friends he has. He asks him to understand at least now. Karn says he cannot break his promise and asks if he can. Krishna asks what he needs now. Karn says his mind is very tired and he wants to see guru parashuram once. Krishna says path is very entangling and illusions may misguide him. Karn says the condition he is in, illusions will not affect him. He continues that his smile calms him and leaves taking his permission. Krishna says sometimes small misguidings will change one’s path, he should be careful.

Duryodhan tells Karn he wants him to come with him to hastinapur and gets felicitated. Karn says he is just a servant and did his duty and does not felicitation. Duryodhan says it has been 12 years since he hugged him as a friend, he does not understand if vanvas was of pandav’s or his, at least he should forgive him. Karn says a digvijay winner should not apologize a servant. Duryodhan says he can forgo 100 digvijay for his one hug, he should at least hug once as a friend. Karn says he would have listened to his friend during dyuth havan, now he is just Hastinapur’s servant and his friend Karn friend died when Draupadi’s vastra haran happened.

Indira dev goes to Shivji and greets him. Shivji greets him and says he heard his footsteps. Indra asks why did not he hear his son Arjun’s 12-year plead. Shivji asks if he would have taken Arjun’s side if he was not his son. Indra asks if his son Arjun is not compatible. Shivji gets angry and says Arjun has to pass many exams and prove himself compatible for pashupatastra. He knows how Indira stooped low to defeat surya putra Karn and insulted devraj’s designation, he know what all he did. Shivji dissappears. Indira smirks thinking he will force Karn to do sin and get cursed.

Precap: Indira says he will force Karn to do a sin by killing cow and get him cursed,

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