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Suryaputra Karn 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn falling into paataal kua/deep well. He lands on the floor and sees many skeletons all around. He moves a bit and snake holds his leg. He throws snake. A big python then tries to eat him, but Karn takes out his knife and starts fighting with him. He then holds its mouth and throws him away.

Phyton starts glowing and asks Karn if he will not fight. Karn says his tauji told whatever glows is divya/special and one should respect divya. Python converts itself into snake god and introduces himself. He says he will question him and nobody could escape from here without answering him and died. Karn asks if he will kill even animals and birds. God says animals and birds are illiterate and he will not punish illiterates. Karn says he did not go to school as he

is a kid is abudh/lack of knowledge than agyani/illiterate. He asks god what he is. God says abudh. Karn starts questioning him. God says he gave his answers right, so he is free to go. God says he should have questioned him instead. Karn asks him 3 more questions, of which he gives 2 right and 1 wrong. Karn says he has to fill this well as a boon for his 3rd wrong answer. God says he did dry this well and well dries because of people’s bad deeds, well will fill but it will not benefit anyone. Karn smiles. God boons and vanishes.

Well starts filling. Radha, Adhirath and Tauji wait outside well worriedly. People hear water sound and discuss that boy’s sacrifice must have filled well. Radha gets more afraid. Well totally fills with water and karn jumps out of it safely. Radha runs and hugs him.

People start praising Karn that he filled well because of his sacrifice and their head says they should reward him. Everyone shout yes yes.. Head asks what is his name. Vaishali and Shon reply Karn. Head says Karn means cutter and kid cut land and filled well with water, so he is the owner of this well now.

Karn tells people since he is owner of this well, he gifts it to them. He walks towards ironsmith people reminiscing Vaishali’s words that iron smiths don’t have well and says he gifts it to them. Sooth head starts shouting that he cannot gift it to iron smiths as it is insult of gift. Karn says his dad says gift cannot be taken back even if one wants to. Sooth says he is going against society. Tauji says god’s law is with humbleness and human’s with trouble and greediness. Sooth head says Karn is opposing their rule and will be punished. Karn says he is ready to be punished.

Precap: Messenger in king’s court reads Pandu’s letter that he is blessed with a baby boy and he named him as Dhritarastra.

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  1. Nys epi,but is ths al true ?mgt b.gud nyt karn.

  2. pandus son named dhritrashtra?
    I believe you meant yudhister!

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