Suryaputra Karn 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru Parashuram breaks his tapasya and asks Karn how dare he is to break his tapasya. Karn says he was protecting shiv ling. Parashuram and Karn’s argument start. Karn says there is nothing is stone, god is in people’s heart. He continues.. and asks him to make him his disciple. Parashuram says he will not. Karn continues with to plead. Parashuram raises his weapon to slash his neck, but Karn kneels down without fear. Parashuram says he is brave. Karn thanks him for making him his disciple. Parashuram says he has not made him disciple and asks him to continue kneeling until he comes back.

At night, Arjun sees Bheem picking food from kitchen and asks how can he identify food even in dark. Bheem says he can smell food even in dark and a person’s determination and

will power can get him anything. Arjun realizes Drona’s words and says he will shoot flies even in dark now.

Snake climbs on Karn, but he continues kneeling silently. Parashuram comes back and sees that and says he is fearless also, so he will teach him but he should finish his 3 task before that and pass in his exam. Karn agrees. He tells his tasks and warns about the risks.

Arjun throws stone in air and shoots arrow, but it does not hit. He sees a boy running, follows him and asks who is he. Boy looking at guru Drona’s idol says he is ekalavya.

Karn reaches cave which Parashuram asked to go and sees a rakshas coming towards him laughing loudly.

Ekalavya tells Arjun that acharya Drona is his guru. Drona says he is not his guru. Ekalavya says he learnt seeing him teaching his students and considers him as his guru. Drona says he does not believe. Ekalavya faces his face on opposite side and shoots arrows on barking dog. Arrows hit dog’s mouth and it stops barking. Drona praises his skill. Ekalvya says it is his teachings. Arjun gets jealous. Drona asks him to go and rest as it is dawn now.

Karn shoots at rakshas, but arrow burns touching rakshas’s feet. Parashuram thinks he wants to test if Karn will stop seeing his family member. Rakshas holds Radha’s neck with a weapon and asks Karn to go back, else he will slit her throat. Radha also pleads to leave. Karn shoots arrow. Radha vanishes and rakshas gets killed. Karn says rakshas’s magic will not deter his mind.

Precap: People plead Parashuram to save them from god’s wrath. Parashuram says his student will save them with his arrows. Grown up Karn shoots arrow into sky.

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