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Suryaputra Karn 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says Arjun when human’s body is mae of pancha mahadhoot/5 elements, then why human should worry aboutbody. Arjun says then why body is important. Krishna says body is peishable, but good deeds and dharm are not. He then describes about 3 guuns/characteristics and explains them in detail. He says due to excess or deficiency of these 3 guuns, human nature is described. He shows Duryodhan and asks him to describe him. Arjun describes his nature and Dushyasan’s. Krishd. na then shows Bhism and describes his nature. He describes Drona’s nature next that he has knowledge and arrogance. Arjun says human’s nature is decided from birth. When it is decided already about arrogant nature, then why should human be

punished. Kkrishna says it is a good question and says along with 23 characteristics, human has another power which differentiates between good and bad, selconscience. Togteher these 24 characteristics form nature. When soul and its creator unite, only then human body is alive. Arjun asks how will they know. Krishna says when he uses chariot and it breaks, you won’t break, same way soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed. He continues when human falls for desire, soul is spoilt. Arun asks when soul is with creator, then why it is spoilt. Krishna continues his moral gyaan. He says to coorect soul, it should be punished. He continues and says war is necessary.

Krishna continues moral gyaan and says soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed. He says if people know the difference, he/she cannot make mistakes. He then describes importance of forgiveness, etc….and says adharm is taking away soul from its creator. Arjun says it is illiteracy and no knowledge. He continues that killing adharmi and establishing dharm is important and he is facing same situation.

He continues that he has to forgo his incapability and get ready for war. Arjun asks when forgiveness is important, then why one does not need to forgive. Krishna says in reality, desire binds human. Arjun asks how. Krishna says he will get sad if he loses and if he wins, he will get arrogant and will do sins. If he forgets value of defeat, he will not bother about happiness or sorrow. Krishna continues his moral gyaan and recite holy scripture.

Precap: Krishna says not only him, Arjun is also parmatma/creator. He has realized that he is the world, he is Duryodhan, he is Arjun.

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