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Suryaputra Karn 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says if one’s desire is not controlled, it will push one to make sin to fulfill their desires. Pandavs sons touch their father’s feet emotionally. Abhimanyu touches Draupadi’s feet and says he has even her charm. She emotionally hugs him. Arjun calls him and he touches his feet. Arjun hugs him. Everyone happily look at them. Arjun thanks Balram for bringing up and training Abhimanyu so well. Balram says he is proud to have a student like Abhimanyu. Draupadi asks Krishna where is his son Samb. Balram gets tensed and says he wanted to come here eagerly, but he sent him for some important work.

A beautiful lady Laxmana/Duryodhan’s daughter writes letter to Samb that she will force her father

to take her to Abhimanyu and Uttara’s wedding. Duryodhan is seen walking in palace. Lady continues writing that she always wanted to meet him in some marriage. He should speak to his father Samb about their marriage andif he does not speak to his father, she will speak to her father and he knows the reaction. She tells her name finally as Laxmana. Gaurd announces that Yuvraj Duryodhan is coming. Laxmana hides letter and acts as combing her hair. Duryodhan enters, hugs and blesses her to be happy always. He says his daughter is becoming more beautiful. Servant comes and asks Laxmana to give feed for birds. She tries to add letter in food bowl, but it falls down and she stands on it. Duryodhan says she should stop concenrating on birds and learn to learn take care of family via her mother. She gives bowl to servant and says Duryodhan she will not marry and will stay with father. Duryodhan says he is not fool and knows what she is doing.

Karn comes to meet her mother Radha and Supriya. He touches Rada’s feet and asks Supriya how is she. She says she is fine. Radha asks why he forgot his mom. He says he cannot forget mother and asks where is his son, he must have grown up. Radha nervously says he has gone out and he may not meet him. Karn insists to meet him as he could not meet him last time. He will wait for him here or will go and meet wherever he is. Radha gets tensed.

Duryodhan claps and servant coming holding veena. Laxmana gets happy and asks if it is for her. Duryodhan nods yes and says she asked this from her mom. Laxmana asks if she has right to learn it. He says she is free to do anyting. Laxmana says she wants to go to Virat nagar. Duryodhan says he will not risk her life where Pandavs and Krishna are present. She says it is her wish. He says her protection is his duty. She gets sad and asks if she can ask him something. He asks what she wants to know. She says some other day and thinks she will wait for sometime and inform about Samb.

Karn asks Radha and Supriya why are they looking tensed and silent. He angrily asks Supriya where is her son. Radha says he went to Shiv mandir. Karn says then he will meet his son in Shiv mandir.

Shakuni reminisces Balram promising to help them and angrily shouts Krishna gave shelter to Padavs and broke promise, how to kill Vasudev now. He will mix poison in Vasudev’s food and thinks he has to do something else. Servant walks holding Laxmana’s letter. He stops her and orders to bring him alcohol. She drops letter in ear and tries to pick, but he stops her and shouts to bring aclohol. She leaves without picking letter. Shakuni does not notice letter and gets busy planning Vasudev’s death.

Precap: Karn searches his son in jungle. Thieves loot a couple and just before Karn could shoot arrow, his son shoots arrow and kills thieves.

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