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Suryaputra Karn 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha giving Karn his bow and asks if he saved her from this bow. He nods yes. She gets emotional and says she lost years of her life without loving her son and says she will try to up herself in his eyes. Karn says mother’s place is always high and he will try to get up in her eyes instead. She permits him to hold bow and takes back her promise. She says she does not want his sons to be troubled by anyone. He says who will dare to confront their sons. Just then, Shon calls Karn. Karn smiles and rushes to help him.

Vaishali holds Shon on knife point and asks him to give her coin. Karn enters and says he will give her coin if she comes on her side and consider him as her group head. Vaishali says she will not. Karn says there must be many group heads like her and if he finds even one, she should accept him as head, else he will accept her. She tours him their village and shows him an ironsmith’s home and says he is very cruel and cuts everyone’s nose, but he is her friend. Karn laughs.

Vaishali’s father tells Adhirath he cannot confront king’s administrator, else whole administrator fraternity will be against him and will make his life hell. Radha suggests to fight against them. Adhirath says they cannot until Karn grows up and will have to stay in jungle else.

Karn sees ladies drawing water from well and paying money to soldiers and asks Vaishali about it. She says ironsmith clan ladies are paying their soldiers in exchange of water as their well is dry now. Someone informs that Karn will be put into deep well as a punishment. Vaishali says nobody could get out of that well. Karn insists to show her that well.

Vaishali takes Karn to the cave where the well is. Karn heads them first and asks them to come and watch well. They all get afraid seeing it deepness and karn smiles. He checks rope’s fitness and asks Shon if he would like his brother and parents to be humiliated. He nods no. Karn says then he should go into well and come back. He gets into well with the help of rope. Radha reaches there and sees Karn freeing his rope and falling into river and shouts his name in a worry.

Precap: Karn falls into well leaving support rope and Radha gets worried for him.

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