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Suryaputra Karn 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaishali asks Karn to promise that he will come back to meet her. He promises that he will meet her before death and leaves on his horse. Vaishali with sad eyes watches him leaving.

Vidur performs Pandu and madari’s funeral and asks Pandav’s first son to cry. First son says he knows he should, but he cannot as he wants to be courageous for his brothers. He then asks other 4 Pandav putras if they will not cry on their father’s death. They says if they cry, their brother will shatter and their belief is his courage. Vidur says their unity will make them win and nobody can defeat them.

After funeral, first son feeds his brothers fruit. Kunti tells Vidur that her sons are very innocent and don’t know cruelties of world. He says they are future of hastinapur and will be ruling over it, so they will have to learn facing this world. He then calls Adhirath and them on chariot.

Karn travels on his horse and sees sudden weather and realizes something is wrong. While traveling on chariot, pandav’s see a huge fog surrounding them and Adhirath not able to ride chariot. Rakshar Agnipar attacks them. Pandav putra stand together to fight with Agnipar and he blows fire on them.

Karn reaches spot and sees Agnipar throwing Kunti from cliff. He jumps to save Kunti. Adhirath gets worried seeing karn jumping and calls his name. Kunti pleads Karn to save her.

Agnipar enlarges himself and multiples and attacks Pandav putras. Karn holds Kunti. Adirath throws rope. Karn holds it and brings Kunti up. Arjun shoots arrow on Agnipar, but it breaks it like a matchstick. First son tells his brother that it is a magic and they have to find a clue. Arjun sees shadow of only one rakshas and shows it to his brothers. They attack Agnipar with spearhead. Agnipar says they all 5 cannot harm him. Karn holds spearhead and says they are six. Agnipar gets afraid and with one blow he dies.

Shakuni’s puppet informs Duryodhan that spy told that Pandav putras killed Agnipar. Duryodhan asks shakuni what will they do. Shakuni laughs and they have to use tricks now.

Kunti gets happy seeing karn with his sons. Her friends gets tensed seeing that and Adhirath watches her expressions.

Precap: No precap today.

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