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Suryaputra Karn 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Duryodhan tells Karn he knows how to defeat his enemies. Karn says then they should attack his enemies as he has also Magadh naresh Jarasand for help. Duryodhan says he forgot to congratulate him for defeating Jarasand. Soldier informs that tension has prevailed in bhugadh gram. Karn leaves.

Karn reaches bhugadh gram and sees people burning Vaishali’s clothes and alleging her to be characterless to stay with Karn without marriage. Karn says they are doing right and should also burn Vaishali. He revolves around fire holding Vaishali’s hand saying they did not allege him as he is male and powerful and Vaishali is female and weak. He was fighting for their respect unnecessarily. After 7 pheras, he asks Vaishali’s dad why did not he trust his daughter. He could win battles with his mom and Vaishali’s trust. Dad bends his face in guilt. Vaishali looks at Karn.

Purochan shows Duryodhan and Shakuni palace’s dummy and burns it. Duryodhan says it is amazing. Purochan says it is made of shees/glass and is so beautiful that enemies will tempt to stay in it and will catch fire easily and whoever stays in it will burn in minutes. Duryodhan asks to construct it soon.

Shakuni mama tells Duryodhan he should be thinking wisely and marry before Yudistra. His child will be elder and will be yuvraj next. If he had born earlier, he would have been yuvraj instead of Yudistra.

Vaishali says Karn he brought her to his home, how will they face people now. He smiles and asks her to become his charioteer. She asks if he will marry her really. Karn smiles.

Precap: Karn as a groom travels on his chariot with a new bride and Vaishali becomes his charioteer/driver/

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