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Suryaputra Karn 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn says instead of letting Arun fight with him, Krishna is riding chariot away. Krishna stops chariot and says when he did adharam he did not stop him and question why is he being at Kaurav’s side. They both are doing their duties selflessly. Madraraj comments Karn that he is a fool to provoke Arjun and Krishna. Krishna starts moving chariot again. Karn follows.

Karn asks Krishna to stop as sunset is nearing. He reminisces Guru Bharadwaj’s curse that he will forget his knowledge when he needs it the most. He imagines guru Bhardwaj with is calf in front of his eyes. Arjun asks Krishna till when they will run. Krishna says it is time to stop. Karn’s chariot wheel stucks in a pit and he falls down. Krishna

stops chariot. Karn tries to lift his chariot wheel and asks Madraraj to help. Madraraj says he is a warrior and will not obey him.

Yudistra, Nakul, Sahdev, and Bheem rush their chariots towards Karn and Arjun to stop them fighting. Kunti cries in her room. Draupadi asks her not to cry as her son is safe. Kunti asks which song, Karn or Arjun, how can she stop crying when her one son is trying to kill another. Arjun was with her whole life and she took care of him since childhood, but she did injustice to Karn. She continues crying.

Karn tries to lift his chariot wheel. Krishna asks Arjun to provoke Karn for a war. Arjun does so. Karn says it is unethical as he is without weapon and chariot. Arjun asks what happened to his ethics when he and his team killed Abhimanyu ruthlessly.

Duryodhan sees Pandavs’ army rushing towards Karn’s route and thinks his friend is in trouble. He orders his charioteer to rush chariot before Pandavs reach Karn.

Karn asks Madraraj to give his vijay dhanush as nobody can harm him until he holds it. Krishna asks Madraraj if he will obey Karn or remember his nephews Nakul and Sahdev and betray him. Madraraj says Karn made a warrior as his charioteer and insulted him, so he will not help him. Krishna asks Arjun again to attack Karn. Arjun asks how to attack weaponless Karn. Krishna asks him to attack. Arjun shoots arrow and it hits Karn’s chest. Pandavs continue rushing towards them. Krishna then asks Arjun to attack again and stands. Arjun hesitates. Krishna blows Shank and Arjun shoots arrow again while Yudistra from far away shouts to stop.

Precap: Krishna says Karn that he wanted to free him from his pain. Karn says he is ready.

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  1. in the original epic till kunti tells after karna death the pandavas never know who karna is so why this crap in suryaputra karan

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