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Suryaputra Karn 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakuni taunts Vasudev Krishna and says he knows only to eat butter. Krishna jokes that he is handsome with well built body, strong muscle, glowing teeth. Shakuni gets happy. Krishna says he was in his youth but what happened to him now, he is looking opposite. Shakuni fumes in anger. Karn smiles silently.

Krishna then addresses Karn alone and asks if he wants to know about the palace which Purochan built or which caught fire. Karn asks if he knew about this, then why did not he save Pandavs. Krishna says even he tried to save them, but in vain. His duty is to just guide people and reminds him of promising Duryodhan that he will be with him always. Karn reminisces the event. Krishna says Karn that he should not take part in swayamwar. Karn asks if he has set a theme of archery and does not want to win. Krishna says there is a reason behind it. Karn says he will not participate until he is not asked to. Karn leaves.

Krishna calls servant, gives a coin and asks him to give this to a brahmin in charity and tell him there is a big festival in Panchal. Servant searches brahmin in jungle and finds Arjun with beard praying like a sadhu. He gives coin to Arjun and tell about festivities in Panchal.. Bheem hears that and insists Yudistra to attend the events to get at least 5 coins like these. Yudistra says greed is bad. Bheem says he wants to have feast after a long time. Yudistra agrees.

Draupadi’s swayamwar starts. Jarasand, Duryodhan, and other raja and rajkumars enter and take their seats. Draupad greets them for his daughter’s swaywamwar and invites Draupadi. Draupadi enters on swinger with her servants. Presentees get mesmerized with her beauty.

Draupad requests Krishna to host swayamwar. Krishna removes cloth from bow and tells this is not a simple now, they have to shoot arrow with this point to a target which is fish’s eye in sky. Karn reminisces Krishna ordering him not to attend swayamwar and realizes that he does not want him to win.

Precap: Karn raises bow to shoot at bird’s eye when Draupadi says she does not want to marry a sooth putra. Karn angrily walks out.

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