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Suryaputra Karn 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn asking Adhirath not to give 1 coin to girl as she is the one who dug hole. Girl says she did not. Adhirath says there is a need and gives 1 coin to girl. Tauji enters with girl’s father who greets Adhirath and Radha and says Radha’s father helped his father a lot and he is Radha’s childhood friend. He introduces his daughter as Vaishali and asks her to greet Radha. She greets and gets afraid. Father says there was no hole here, but how did it come suddenly. Karn says this girl did it, but Tauji stops him in between and says this girl helped them instead. Karn nods yes hesitantly. Father asks girl and his friends to bring goods from chariot and leaves with Adhirath, Radha, and Tauji.

Vaishali tries to frighten Shon and Karn that her friends

are very cruel and will kill them if they reveal to her father that she dug hole. She orders her friends to pick up goods, but they try and say it is very heavy. Vaishali asks Karn and Shon to carry goods in exchange of 1/2 coin. They both agree.

Vaishali’s father tells Adhirath, Radha and tauji that hastinapur’s people are in trouble after Dhritarastra become king and says when Pandu was king, they were prospering. Gandhari’s brother Shakuni is a big menace and is inauspicious for the whole kingdom.

Dhritarastra enters his room and sees Shakuni laughing and playing dice game with Gandhari. He asks Gandhari it is 18 months now and when will she give him a son, though god has booned her with 100 sons, she is not interested in having children at all and is denying him his right. Shakuni starts laughing and delivering his witty dialogues. Dhritarastra asks him to shut up. Gandhari says even she wants to become mother and if it is in her hands, she would have cut her womb and given it to him. Dhritarastra angrily walks out from there, leaving Gandhari crying.

Karn and Shon carry goods up hill and ask Vaishalli to give their half coin. She says it is hastinapur and they have to snatch it. She runs from there. Karn says he will snatch coin and runs behind her. She throws a lot of hurdles for him and he cross them all. He then finally ties stone to a thread and throws on her legs, making her fall. Coin flies in air and he catches hit. Shon taunts it will be Karn’s rule now, not Vaishali’s.

Vaishali’s father explains his guests rules of city and gives an example of hat which holds hair together like king who holds kingdom people together. Karn enters and asks after some time all hair fall off, then what is significance of hat. Father says Karn is very intelligent and tells Vaishali to learn from karn as he will be staying with them now. He tells Adhirath they should go and take permission from Raj sevak/king’s servant if he has to work here.

Adhirath meets Raj sevak and is shocked to see senapati. Senapati asks what doe she need. Adhirath says he needs permission to work here. Senapati says he had to get a promotion of head of city, but due to his sons, he was demoted and forced to stay in between low caste people. Vaishali’s father says they got maha mantri’s permission. Senapati says that is why he is allowing them to stay here, but will make their life hell if they don’t obey him. Adhirath silently walks, but Senapathi stops him and says if his son accepts his punishment, he will let him work here. He say karn has to fall into a deep well and come out safe, but nobody has come out from it.

Precap: Radha says she will not let his son Karn punished. Karn runs and falls into well while Radha and Vaishali watches it in a shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nys episode.gud nyt karn

  2. Why no1 s cmmntng here.no1 s watchng ths shw?evry1 must watch it 2 knw abt a great humanbeing,a loyal friend.he hs soooo many great qualities.Evn lord krishn use 2 lie but karn nevr tel lies.he s d bst persn.he s d most humble,diginified nd charming u radhe putra karn.

  3. well done radha
    gud nyt karn
    luv u all

  4. yes u r rght hg i have been seeing u from somany days that u r d 1 who comments on this updates but dis doesnt mean dat noone is going through these updates

  5. Ahan a,thank u .i knw sme r watchng it.but i request u al 2 cmnt dr.ths s wht i said in my prev cmnt.Ok

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